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It's the video, it's racist, it's Bush's fault... the blame game goes on and on and on. So much incompetence. Please, let the grownups take over.
In the Democrat mind, what ISN'T racist?!
Obama has shown his true colors... and they aren't red, white, and blue. It's heartbreaking that so many suffer in this country due to his policies and now we have lost four good men due to his administration's ridiculous 'make nice' foreign policy. Get real... it's a big old bad world out there and fantasy land has no place in foreign policy decisions.
So this is what the Obama administration calls 'transparency'. It's the video.... done blame us. Unbelievable. They didn't heed the ambassadors plea for help BEFORE the attack, didn't bother to help him and the three other brave Americans DURING the attack...and then they cover up AFTER the attack. Yeah, sure we want this guy around for four more years. Gish!
Romney is running against Obama, the slick Chicago politician, AND the media who are in Obama's pocket. Only decent stations are FoxNews channel and FoxBusiness channel...all the rest are about to fall over their leaning so far to the left. You know they gave Obama a pass... that's their job after get Obama re-elected.... This is our America 2012. Sad!
Yes, he did state the truth, and it was secretly recorded at a fundraiser ( by Carter's grandson?) and the mainstream media is spinning it like a top. Why Romney came out last night to 'explain' is beyond me. He's got to get tough. If not now, when???????????
Romney's campaign better realize he's not only running agains the Chiccy polititian, Obama, but also, the media. He must get tough and stop these apology-explanatory-meek responses to the medias puppeteering. It's unbecoming. His message is right; his delivery isn't. Governor Romney appears too nice to be a politician.
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Is Mitt Romney Wrong?

Lin82 Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 9:13 AM
Romeny needs a new campaign mgr. His message is being spun badly and for some reason he is too much of a Mr. Niceguy. Obama is a Chicago politician and the media is in his pocket. Romeny needs to get TOUGH. He needs to stop this meek apology-explaining stuff like a meek puppet on the medias string. His ideas are right but his delivery isn't.
Really? Like minds? Wow....and this is news? The media elected Obama. They are trying to do it again. Sad commentary.
Anyone know...did Netanyahu and Obama have a phone call?
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New Romney Ads Go Positive, Negative

Lin82 Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 11:37 AM
There's nothing like media spin. While the world is on fire MSNBC spends all its air time bashing Romney and finding any miniscule thing with which to pummel him. Silly stuff but aimed at the silly people who make MSNBC their 'home page'. Obama has made a mess of so many things but, of course, his rhetorical and campaigning skills are top notch. Romeny's plan's better, he has integrity ( that's big), and a much more stable background ( don't think HE was in kahoots with terrorists or thugs as was Obama).
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