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After Election 2012: WWBD -- What Would Breitbart Do?

Lily16 Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 9:34 AM
We THE POEPLE need to fight the"4th Power" the media is and forced them to be honest. No more already elected election of any candidate. We need a Media blackout; so they star paying attention.Can any conservative organization lead something like this? If we don't take on the media we will continue eating cardboard flakes, treat every ill with snake, and accept elected servants already elected by the media. Welcome to Venezuela!

Many of us woke up the morning after the election in a daze and I imagine quite a few of us thought, okay…we lost, it is a new day…WWBD-What Would Breitbart Do? None of us can speak conclusively for him, but many of us were so deeply influenced and impacted by his leadership that in different ways his ideas live on inside of us.

Just before he died, Andrew called for a true vetting of President Obama, something that simply did not happen in 2008. Though he did not live to see it, many people led the charge and dozens...