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Thatcherism: The Cure for An Ailing America

lilolady Wrote: Apr 12, 2013 2:44 PM
"As the GOP licks it's wounds ....... and ponders 2014 and 2016 ..." The answer will not come from the GOP, as we have recently seen from their latest conclave., is nothing but pablum ....... . Our latest hero, Rand Paul, who began to show character and heart has now dipped into the juices found in the Kool Aid Fountains in D.C. What powerful stuff that has to be , to quickly turn a good man into a patsy.

With the passing of Margaret Thatcher, and the commemoration of Winston Churchill day, world attention this week was rightly focused on the greatest Prime Ministers of the 20th century.

Given that Thatcher, more than Churchill, will be remembered for the near miraculous economic recovery her governance produced in Britain, and given America’s unremittingly woeful economic state, it is useful to recall her economic accomplishments, the means by which she achieved them, and their application to our economic moment.

The British stage onto which Thatcher stepped in 1979 was not unlike the America Reagan inherited, or the America we see...