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Rand Paul is wrong

lilolady Wrote: Jun 02, 2013 4:40 PM
You have one thing to add and that is what I posted earlier re: chain migration, foreigners who have never worked nor contributed one dime toward "entitlements" are and have been receiving SSI,medicaid, reduced housing (Section 8), food stamps, etc. for up to 18 in a family newly arrived here. It is called "Chain Immigration". Some very wealthy, turn their money over to the sharpest knife in the drawer who legally purchases a mansion. All the rest are now destitute and eligible to to qualify for welfare benefits and enjoy visiting and dining extremely well at their relative's lovely home, while they, themselves receive $800 per month in pocket money from SSI

“Sometimes conservatives get tagged as being against all government,” said Sen. Rand Paul at a Reagan Library event the other day. “I’m not against all government. I’m actually for $2.6 trillion dollars worth,” he said. “I’m for spending what comes in, but nothing in excess of what comes in.”

Yes, he’s running for the presidency. You can tell, because he’s appealing directly to the masses of Americans who, not without some reason, like big government but are afraid of “out-of-control” government. He’s trying to stake out a middle ground, a “common sense”...