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Yeah...another convert. You rock, Chuck!
What a deal!
Many of us are totally in favour of the death penalty.
Caustic solution....a wonen's best friend. What a bunch of drama queens.
That is SUCH a good point.
And yet it's legal....most people seem to disagree with DO you deal with that?
It was a poor attempt at irony, mensa member. And it wasn't $5 towards the cost of an was a coupon good for 5 abortions.
My tax dollars help support your spawn. We need a checklist on tax forms...I want my tax dollars given to Planned can donate to Breeders Are Us. Hm....I wonder who would end up with the most money at the end of the year.
Roe v Wade will NEVER be overturned. We just voted between an anti-choice candidate and the pro-choice President Obama. Um....guess who won the election.....WE did. Run another anti-choice candidate in 2016 and we'll beat you again. You clowns are not allowed to interfere in OUR lives.
What a FABULOUS idea....I think I'll take the 5...better be safe than sorry.
It's always about abortion for you clowns....the concept of MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS is a foreign idea to you. You haven't grasped that you've lost the battle....abortion will never be re-criminalized. Women won't allow it.
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