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What you conservatives....running around with your hair on fire....forget is that the same women who has an abortion in her teens will go on to have children once she's married and can, both emotionally and financially, raise those children well.
Wow....you're easily excited.
In other words, you're afraid of dialogue with opposing viewpoints. You like communicating with people who think exactly as you do. It's SO much less threatening. Sounds cowardly to me.
Okay...so we're talking about something the size of a kidney bean (thank-you Eugene)...or to make it even more clear, the eraser on the tip of a pencil. OMG....we're killing a little person.
Say what?
"ZAP" My, aren't we clever
Move to Texas, idiot.
No, no, no...you're missing the point....the caustic solution is for the fetus. I get a massage and a cold, icy gin and tonic after the fact. You've lost the battle...deal with it. Elections have consequences.
And yet...the planet's population is increasing rapidly ...how can that be?
Yeah...another convert. You rock, Chuck!
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