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Our schools apparently are not teaching people how to think and do homework. To vote for someone simply on the basis of the color of their skin is truly being prejudiced.
This is brilliant!! I am so tired of the media promoting homosexuality. Many, many people do not condone homosexuality because of their religious beliefs. The Bible is quite clear on this. The media want homosexuality to become so commonplace that no one bats an eye. The media have a captive audience, but many folks are on to them. There are TWO TV shows featuring homosexuality being promoted this fall season.! Parents need to complain loudly about this. Childhood is being assaulted from all forms of media. News flash! The media wants everyone to believe that homosexuality is rampant. It isn't.
Most of the media are scoundrels!
That's because he believes what he says. He's not lying.
You have poor judgement. It was just brilliant in every way.
Yes! He is brilliant. Some can't see beyond an old appearance and voice. They don't know how to listen. I loved every minute of it!
You didn't listen to his words. You only saw an old man. You need to learn to listen!
Eastwood was brilliant. He stages a one on one conversation with Obama with just a simple chair. So creative! No teleprompter either. He is 82 and an icon. So proud of him and grateful! Loved it!!
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