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Was George W. Bush a "Bad" President?

LilDoc Wrote: Apr 29, 2013 12:17 PM
I acknowledge President George W. Bush who calls me "Dragonfire" and teaches me to "walk the walk and talk the talk." Lastly, We the People of the United States of America acknowledge--In God we Trust. For a brief summary of our 43rd president's accomplishments I question: "Why haven't we [USA] had a second strike?" under Bush? Not-so bad!
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Getting Back to Basics in Texas

LilDoc Wrote: Apr 28, 2013 8:26 AM
Again My-Mr. President stands tall with boots on. I shall never forget your quote when returning from the Pope John Paul II funeral in April 2005. "There is no doubt in my mind there is a living God. And no doubt in my mind that Lord, Christ, was sent by the Almighty. No doubt in my mind about that." Obviously, you are a gutsy leader! Cordially, Corus
The last pope heads for the hills...the glory of the olives. The 111 pope list by Malachy signifies also the end of the Trinity. Who but the Trinity deserves praise, honor, and glory. Farewell !!!
How does Obama raise middle-class taxes without appearing responsible? Fiscal Cliff
When did lying disqualify a politician for promotion to Secretary of State?
2012-2008 demographics indicate Romney-McCain received 6 versus1 percent of the black vote, respectively. At most, a black Mitt receives 10 percent; George W. received 9 percent.
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Out Come the WMDs in Syria

LilDoc Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 8:50 AM
This is a neighborhood issue and the US should stay away from reacting to chemical and nerve gas warfare. We'd be talking nuclear if Assad had the capability.
Chris, Even if Mitt were "black like me," he'd still garnish only 5 percent of the black vote away from a black democratic challenger. He promised minorities nothing free and substantial…. Mitts only mistake was not knowing how to treat the messenger which is odd for a practicing Mormon. He lost the election the day before the vote.
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America Nears El Tipping Pointo

LilDoc Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 9:30 AM
This is all about "doomsday mentality" in a "fiscal cliff" media projection, the outcome becomes a christ-like president overcoming an archaic Mayan calendar. Developing a savior image is crucial to his upcoming exploits on Jerusalem. I cannot wait to hear his speech when he visits Jerusalem.
"I want you to know that I opposed him before I supported him." Such is the mouth...
Such is an expanding democracy...
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