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But, Obama gave them welfare and free cell phones and texted them to vote for him or loose the phones!
How does a man like this become president? We (independent) need to look at our two-party system and its links to international financing.
We are dealing with academics that deal in theory, not nuts-and-bolts reality. Given Ebola is a virus with an unknown origin, various transmission methods, no cure, and a 70 percent killer. Key to decision making healthcare providers and government should be the exponential transmission rate. The mathematics behind this illness requires a ban on travel to and from West Africa where border closures saved most African nations.
Like father, like son!
FEMA Director Michael D. Brown was dismissed after Katrina for inaction. So to, the current FEMA Director William Craig Fugate should be dismissed for Ebola inaction. Failure to act!
NOSOCOMIAL Center for disease control!
Nosocomial infections Galore to come. As each healthcare worker is diagnosed with Ebola, the probability of transmission increased exponentially. So many healthcare workers work at different sites, the probabilities are horrible. Please isolate the Dallas Cowboys and their cheer leaders from Dallas hospitals...
Where's the true story? Who refused the bribe? Someone at Moody's refused to delay the downgrade to get political favors. I support that decision.
Maybe this is the audacity of hope? Or it’s no-hope hope.
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