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in the end you can never expect a fair and impartial judgment against the fed from an employee of the fed.
o yeah report to holder so the fox can watch the chickens outside of the 'executive privilege' from O hes still in contempt of congress same as lerner
now its time?? WTF have they been waiting for, a special prosecutor should have been appointed to investigate holders place in fast and furious and then kept on the payroll for the rest of these disasters
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Remember the Space Race?

lilbear68 Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 1:18 PM
I remember the space race, grew up then. but as Dr. Tyson says in 1 of his many lectures 'America stopped dreaming' and now its all over. poor NASA today, out of money, out of ideas, mostly stocked with 2nd and 3rd stringers and too pedantic to come up with any real ideas or innovations. its comical when you think that while we beat the russkies in the space race but now we rent seats on their rockets, and their space program is making money be offering flights into space to millionaires (or billionaires) that have more money than they know what to do with.
pretty sure ol harry no longer has the NRA's A rating. that among others is why I will never be a member of the NRA although I do applaud all their efforts over the years
for starters im not a dem or fan of hil its just what I believe will happen. ill bet that sniper is really kicking himself for missing her (sarc). so far the GOP has no one. the only way any of the GOP front runners will see the inside of the white house in 2016 will be if they take a tour
interesting, it will be a real treat to see how president Hillary will deal with a GOP majority congress
she must have some good talking points, she sure aint getting paid for her looks
this is just Germany doing a tit for tat for the US telling Germany that they aint getting their gold bak ever and that 'hell no' they cant even look at their gold
as long as she got her advance im sure she don't give a rats a** if the rest of the books are used for toilet paper
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