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Funny that they call for an impartial investigation AFTER Amnesty International makes the charges. At least they know AI for what they are.
That was just a blip. The real shutdown will be in February.
If the liberals kill all of their children the world will be a better place in another generation.
Find the people who are getting 100+% of the voters out. She doesn't deserve jail time or a huge fine. Just work on stopping the process. Start with Vote ID. I had to go to court to vouch for somebody who was "assured" by a local Dem that anyone on a work visa could vote. Our government couldn't have cared less who that Dem was.
When you say "conservatives" you really mean republicans. Tea partiers are conservatives and they don't ridicule. There's not a better group in this country, exemplifying all that is good with America. Don't bother me with the Tea Party invectives passed of by the liberal media. Frankly, the Tea Party just scares them to death.
Uh, they want to use the debt ceiling to keep us from going further into debt. Do liberals think we can just declare bankruptcy and wipe the debt off? Do liberals have ANY clue? All they ever do is echo the words of The One. The most divisive president in the history of this country.
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