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Kirk, It is actually very simple. They want a race war as a pretext to declare martial law and suspend constitutional government in the name of public safety. There is S a much bigger picture to all of this.
Liberals are not adults, mature or otherwise. Their prefrontal cortexes are stuck in the adolescent stage of development. Hence "reasoned, logical coherent presentation" is incomprehensible to them.
Read TH White's The Once and Future King and Kipling's the God's of the Copybook Heading. What we are living is not new...more's the pity.
Neither Clauswitz nor Sun Tzu are necessary when we finally come to the realization regarding the true nature of our enemy. Put simply we are dealing with a death cult. The last time the US got involved with a death cult it took two atomic bombs to put a stop to it. I recommend the same solution as their incineration is the only way to truly put a stop to it.
sell both sides arms and keep them at each other's throats. Cynical yes, but frankly I just dont care anymore.
When you dispense with conventional wisdom you are playing with fire. Kipling has said it the best: Read "The Gods of the Copybook Headings"
absolutely...hear, hear!!
we can make accommodation for every other "class" of people but to hell with tall and/or the fat...is that it? And I have news for you, the business and first class are paying for the cost of the flight, true, but everyone in coach is PURE PROFIT...so where would they be without those of us who have to fly cattle car?
the writer cites economic reasons...when the airlines are posting record profits? The airline industry is undergoing a consolidation not seen since the 60s, along with much of the other "too big to fail" industries that has destroyed competition in favor of fascistic cronyism. While economics may play a subsidiary role in this issue, the real root cause is that the airlines no longer HAVE to treat travelers with respect nor care to retain the good will of their customers. Make too much of a stink and TSA will put you on the no fly list and give you a complimentary colonoscopy for your trouble and the airlines KNOW this!
there is a solution to this and it only costs about 40 cents
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