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Even though the product of a public school education, I consider myself pretty well read but dont remember running across this poem. Thanks so much for posting the title. It was awesome. I fulfilled my quota to learn at least one new thing each day. :)
"Friends, Romans Countrymen, lend me your ears"...I am amazed at the number of posters here expressing shock over this outcome, feigned or otherwise. The last 5 years should have illustrated in excruciating detail that our government no longer functions as intended by the Founders. We have come to the crossroads and there is really only one remaining course of action...Liberty or Death!!!!!
you mock what you dont understand and it is clear from your comment you have no concept or understanding of the Catholic Church beyond your narrow, propagandistic, protestant strawman.
his biggest accomplishment is that he is STILL in office after the 20 some odd scandals, any ONE of which would have sunk other administrations.
you mean the one between her ears?
Oh it is worse than you think Matt. Gen Xers have a greater chance of being abducted by space aliens than ever seeing a SS check. On top of that, they are coming for the 401Ks. Refuse to be fleeced, get your money out of the US and put whatever you can overseas. Don't support the leeches.
Paul, Paul, Paul. The only peace to ever be achieved in the ME is the peace of the graveyard. Look at history and read the Bible. The children of Ishmael will always be donkeys. For more than 4000 years of recorded history these people have been at each other's throats. They know no other way, nor are the interested in entertaining new ideas. Their behavior preceeded Islam and it will continue after Islam, until the last child of Ishmael is extinguished.
Unequivocably "NO" I would sooner vote for Idi Amin. Having voted for both Bushes previously, I will never trust that bunch of establishment liberal lite group of yahoos.
It is very simple. The West is morally, intellectually and spiritually exhausted. I pray daily for a renewal for this country and our civilization. I do see some green shoots in the various places. However, we have generations who have no clue about their Birthright of Liberty bequeathed to us by our Founders. As a result, we get Obama and Obamacare, the HHS mandate, the NDAA section 1021 and drones overhead among other guttings of our inalienable rights. The situation in this country will not improve until the majority realizes that "those who would trade Liberty for security deserve neither." For that to happen, things will have to get much worse, before they will get better. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.
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