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Sorry I misunderstood your 1st post. I do believe God is testing us & we're failing - because too many were brought up with no faith and believe our liberal (evil) media and our Godless administration. No matter what or how the Pope says things, the media and liberal agendas will twist it.
Nut: I SEE YOU HAVE IT ABSOLUTELY WRONG - Go back & read what he actually said & don't put your own interpretation on it. BTW: what fallen man?
Draconis: I think you have the Pope and Obama mixed up as far as taking our 2nd Amendment rights away. How in Heaven's name could the Pope to that???? He isn't "quietly lobbying" - show me the facts!
Jeff: You have an ugly soul.
Gabriela: You have the Pope's message wrong, wrong, wrong. The "Faithful" are not confused once they actually read what he said.
Duff: Thank you; you got it exactly right. It's too bad others don't understand (purposely?) and continue pushing their agenda saying the Pope agrees with whatever their agenda is. Are they still in denial of Church Doctrine or being dumb?
iiibay: How old are you? That is sooooo juvenile.
"when folks start getting desperate and sense loss they lose control" Sounds like your savior and Pelosi & Reid, etc. etc. Your last sentence shows what a pig racist you are. Crawl back under your rock!
I haven't read all the comments, but WHERE IS LOIS???
Assad may have chemical weapons (from Iraq?) but that doesn't mean he has or will use them. I hope Barry's ego is going through he 11.
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