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Biden Cancels Gay Rights Speech

Lietuva Wrote: Oct 03, 2013 6:44 PM
But the Dems are like children screaming and pounding their heels on the floor. They just won't negotiate nor communicate - just like silly whiners.
Reid reminds me of evil Uriah Heep.
God works in mysterious ways. The recent doings is reassuring.
I have a question I can't find an answer to. I was reading a story about a British hospital and it kept saying "take-in week". Does that mean you have to wait for a certain time to be admitted? (probably for surgery) but it's still a horribly, bad system.
My dr. is digital and my printout of existing conditions was so ridiculous I asked the dr. what is that about. I was told a medication I take is also used for those other conditions. If someone else read that report, they would suggest I buy a grave plot. Why, oh why, can't the kiss a$$ libs see what a total disaster this ACA(lol) is!
Crawl back under, would you? You're taking up our air. Yes, I do enjoy my "cheap junk" from Walmart - but it won't be cheap if they raise that minimum wage to $15 just for showing up to flip a burger.
WinnieS84 (84 & senile) Since you have absolutely no redeeming work value, $0 would be about right. Why should an entry level position pay as much as a dept. head who has worked his way up to that position. You sound like a communist.
Please explain all the bills Senile Reid wouldn't let thru!
Did she get laid off because of odumbo's lousy economy?
Winnie (pooh??) So happy to know we serve a purpose - according to you we entertain you. We must be doing a good job because you keep coming back. Go to some lib site and see if anyone pays attention to you.
You noticed Obama is changing, too. It's like he's having a nervous breakdown in front of our eyes. Has narcissism been classified as a mental health disorder yet?
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