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Run along Mongo...
Its interesting how easily Americans have accepted prison terminology being applied to THEM... Boston is on "lockdown"...guess the whole city and everyone in it are in a prison... Those who sacrifice freedom for perceived security...
See what your WOT and Israeli-firsterness have gotten us Cons...?
You Can Hear the Death Rattle of Conservatism http://lewrockwell.com/mcmaken/mcmaken152.html
Marco "Tea-Party Darling" Rubio really suckered you naive Cons didn't he?
@ AmyDB When I talk to Cons who think of themselves as constitutional experts, they tell me the document "means what it says"... But, can't the same be said of the Bible? And yet...there are god-knows how many sects and interpretations of GOD'S word... Why do folks like you claim YOUR OWN PERSONAL OPINION is the "one true word" of the Const?
Yes. There is also one w/Libs signing a petition to repeal the 1st A...
@ AmyDB There is no right to have children in the Const. either. There are any number of things not listed in it as "rights". There is no SPECIFIC right to high-capacity clips in it. Nor is there one for AR-15s. Or, for GUNS... Guess you turds just made the case for your own disarmament!
@ AmyDB So, you're saying that, since no right to fly is in the Const., none of us have that right?
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