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Goodnight all. Dinner and quiet time with the wife and kids for me. Keep the faith and enjoy your evening.
Jesus loves you Dot. Hopefully you love him back someday. I'm sad for you. I hope you feel better about yourself and life soon. Seriously.
Dot doesn't seem to realize she is evil personified. Either that or he/she (it?) doesn't care. Scary and truly sad. I can only imagine the monsters that raised a child to turn into Dot.
Not aborted. Just raised properly.
I don't borrow anything, not even word, from garbage like you.
-Dot. You bring to mind a word. It rhymes with "bunt", but has nothing to do with baseball.
edit- "barbaric"
Liberals: Animal testing = immoral and cruel. Wearing fur = bararic. Spanking your child = abuse. Grinding a fetus into hamburger because it is inconvenient to have a child = a matter of choice.
This eagerness to murder unborn children with impunity turns my stomach. It's laughable that these baby killers are usually also the first to protest wearing fur and chopping down trees.
I did NOT... have sexual relations... with that -Sorry, wrong guy. I tend to get my sleazy lying lefties confused. My bad.
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