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Liberals Think I'm Cute, Adorable and Filled with Hate

Libtardharvestor Wrote: Aug 26, 2012 7:57 PM
The cold weather puts an additional need on the battery equal to about 20% of a full charge. Also, it takes an additional 20% for the battery to perform it's usual functions in weather at or below 35 degrees. You unplug it in the morning and your short 40% before you sit down in it. I had a 1968 Ford Fairlane with a 302 that HATED winter. It was in perfect tune and relatively low mileage. I put in a new coil, rotor, dist. cap, battery,rebuilt the 4bbl. carb (remember those?) everything! It just wasn't a winter friendly car! It was a dream above 35 degrees!

Mac wrote: Where is it written and enforced that we no longer have the right to say Merry Christmas? I don't even know George Soros let alone LOVE him! Would stealing money from clients be like Congress robbing OUR social security? Like trying to ruin the US Post Office so their buddies FedEx, etc. can take over? - in Mr. Crony Went to Congress: Subpoena Soros, Buffett, et al.

Dear Mac,

Christian beliefs in the public square are increasingly under attack.

Here’s an example:

The Connecticut Post chose to not put a "Merry Christmas" greeting in print on...