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Attack Of The Mutants

Libtardharvestor Wrote: Dec 01, 2014 2:56 PM
I honestly believe the average American WILL get it. I think they won't know what to do about it, who to turn to for answers, what is the process, How can I make ANY difference. I get that! I get what you're saying too, Carlos7. I think we need a site or two that can offer an outlet for information, a path for comment to government, but also to the originators of such condoned crime as Ferguson, and many other sites, became. Being relatively computer illiterate, I don't know how this would happen, but I pass this idea around and some self starter might make it happen. An outlet for the "silent majority" and an ongoing opinion poll to the fire starters and race baiters among us (Jackson, Sharpton, NAACP, et al) would help LOTS of people kick their Tums habit!
I'd like to see an Executive Order making Marxism, socialism, progressiveism, communism, chronically repressed juvenile behavior in a person over the age of 35 all illegal (at least a class B felony with deportation following the service of prison time), voter picture ID required, and the voting age raised to 30, please. Thank you for your attention!
If my recollection is correct ( a moderately sizable if) The only weapons that have sold better than the AR15 currently are the Colt 1911 pistol and the Ruger 10/22 rotary magazine Rifle. Of course THEY have been around, commercially, for 103 years and 50 years respectively.
OUTSTANDING! ( And wonderfully humorous as well)
Absolutely beautiful! Thank you!
I would only ask why the ends never harm those that justify it!
I don't think Blakely1 meant that. I think he meant that getting the obamaphants to understand this is next to impossible.
No. Measure them by a standard that determines the overall effect the order has on the citizenry, the economy, and the national security. Not some amorphous "collection" with no codifying measure that determines their usefulness, or lack thereof, or their permutation of the wishes of the population at large, that can be made to say whatever the speaker wants it to say.
Greg633 makes the point that It is STILL very difficult for a man to get custody of his children without excessive evidence of near absolute worthlessness of the mother. While more men are getting custody currently, it will be a few decades before this issue is determined on an equal basis, to the detriment of the kids. Also, and I apologize ahead of time for this, and do not intend a direct first person attack at all. The "child welfare" system has been the bain of children for decades. I can still hear the stories of people who grew up under the auspices of an agency with near dictatorial control over the lives of the children they "help", often because of flimsy and questionable reasoning, or excessive fear. I agree with your summary but first you need to put responsibility clauses in effect to bring punishment for practices that go wrong. A GREAT many people in that field adopt a "godhood" sense and see themselves incapable of any error, no matter how obvious it may be.
I intend no slap here but you seem to be examining this with a jaundiced eye. Charity of the type we see abused today was administered for people in need of ALL races. Many Black recipients used the help to lift themselves up and out of the programs. Just as many White people stayed within the comfort of the system. It was easier. A change in rules and application would go a long way to making the practice of "governmental help" become the implement of original intent instead of the current boondoggle. State by state application is better use of the funds than federally determined. Also the troubles with housing and it's care are attributable to lack of managerial care (a situation common in ANY government position) and a "group think" mentality that ignores the conditions because of crime, lack of cooperation from management, and frustration. I have known and/or worked with literally dozens of Black people who have not fallen into that trap largely because they found housing elsewhere and did not face the same daily problems. Many of them went on to buy there own homes. The Dept of education (nothing more that a federally subsidized union) has very little, if any, control over parochial or private schools. That is a big reason why so many of them are so very much better than the public system. The difficulty for the poor class is the expense to get in. Receiving no federal funds, they need to depend on donations and grants from the public at large and tuition funds to offer the superior programs they have. Vouchers would help that tremendously. The DoT has no input into the schools we mention here and fight tooth and nail to prohibit or, at least contain, the voucher system as it takes money away from the miserable union controlled failing schools. In plain point of fact, The DoT should be eliminated and state controls implemented WITHOUT any union participation what-so-ever. Social Security can be weened off over years but no one is even considering ending it in one fell swoop. Many plans have been presented where those within 20 years (in some,10, 15, or even 25 years) of receiving Social Security will get and maintain benefits while the organization and maturation of a new type of system is accomplished. Finally, Star never suggested the government getting into the charitable giving business. She merely suggested a dollar for dollar tax exemption for each dollar given by public citizenry to areas determined to be "disaster zones" Much as we do now.
"Far from an organic uprising, the demonstrating, rioting, and racist rhetoric in and about Ferguson are all manufactured and organized by a privileged and monied league of black agitators. Beginning with the lead revolutionary, Barack Obama, the politburo of racism militates against the fundamental principles of the civil rights movement. When apparatchiks like Eric Holder, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and their obsequious underlings boldly deny the right of officer Wilson to due process they undermine any notion of due process rights for all Americans. In fact, they affirm the lawlessness that inspired reconstruction lynchings and the democrat formation of the Ku Klux Klan." The left has lied long and hard about it's past with regard to social "equality" and the numerous sins they worked so hard with to perpetuate a Master/servant culture. But my greatest confusion is that the Blacks themselves cannot see the hypocrisy of democrats and the continued increases of poverty, death of their children, broken families, black on black crime and so on that are the gifts of leftist ideology. That they can enslave themselves to the likes of Jackson and Sharpton so soon after the selfless effort and genius of a true hero like Dr. King is absolutely astounding to me! I would wager that Not one of the Black icons that are revered during Black History month would believe their eyes and ears at the self imposed lives and misery that Black America has put on like a hair shirt. If Blacks can live with abortion sites spending three quarters of their time aborting Black babies, what is MY reason for fighting to end it? NONE of those "clinics" is owned by anyone other than a liberal. You know, THEIR people!
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