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His comment about feeling "gay" about shooting the bear (a damn good one at that) simply meant that he felt happy, contented, elated, successful, peaked, at performing such a daunting task. It said nothing to any sense of "manhood" or any other such thing, there was no hidden meaning or message. He took on a task that is difficult in any sense of the word, succeeded in overcoming the inherent problems and trials, and finally was able to realize a personal dream, much in the same sense that someone with a particular quest for a treasures may, after saving for a number of years, negotiating prices, wheeling and dealing in the psychology of the art debate, finally become successful in obtaining an art piece that he has long treasured and sought. No gender or referential tags. Just a happy success at a long desired goal. Each achieved a mark of, perhaps, "historical" significance within the group he lives among. Each deserves that mark as a testimony of drive, endurance, and effort. And each has a "trophy" as proof. Of course there are gay and straight in any profession, hobby, sport, or activity. My experience has been, over nearly 50 adult and professional years, that the rush to identify and categorize comes from the less secure mind. The need to define clearly a meaning where one cannot, from the small source material offered, glean one, denotes an inability to control the feelings and motives of another. And that is a burden to the less secure Id, and "must" be attacked. In short, if anyone is overcompensating ..............
Absolutely true, MacQ, and it's a truism that applys to every liberal!
VERY well said! Thank you!
Write about it everywhere you can. Call friends, programs, Congress (State and Federal)! Blog about it! Join a couple of pro gun organizations. ( they actually keep tabs on those numbers to determine the level of interference they can expect from voters). NEVER miss a vote!
Rip it down, bust up the pieces for road bed, plow salt into the underlying earth so nothing will grow there and fence off off as an example!
We MUST put many more Conservative minds and hearts in Congress. I'm just not sure there are any left in the GOP.
OUTSTANDING! he and any and all members of this administration who has sought to dismantle and/or destroy this Nation should share this penalty as it is easily "giving aid and comfort to the enemy".
Nothing "practical" about it! They are uniquely and wholly useless!
We have work to do on the "troupes" before any movements can be made. 1)Understand that virtually no liberal has the will or courage to die for their "principles". Liberalism (or progressiveism, socialism, whatever you wish to call it) is, basically, collectivism, which is a selfish and paranoid life. The "leaders" count heavily on the useful tools that the uninformed or low information voter is. 2)Stop painting all of anything with the same brush. Nowhere is all of government corrupt. At least some of it is simply backed up or splintered so that they cannot work effectively together. They will come out if they see a viable exit. There are news outlets still believing in the American Dream. They are few, but they are there. 3) Stop defeating yourself before even leaving home! Children get about 30% of their information from reading and hearing. The rest is by watching the actions of their examples. If you feel pointless and worthless you will demonstrate that unconsciously and teach children to be the same. 4) Examine your personal level of courage. Not everyone is a hero. Even a great number of heroes weren't before the act occurred that they were too frightened to let go and so acted in defense of themselves and, by coincidence, others. You don't have to be the bravest of the brave. Any GI in a line will tell you, "They also serve who only stand and wait!" There are many things to do in order that we may bring honesty, integrity, and freedom back to our country. Nothing can be taken from us without us folding and giving it up! 5) Work like everything depends on you, and pray like everything depends on God! 6) Decide what success in this (or any) endeavor looks like to you so you recognize it when we get there. The army, left to its own devices (as it should be), has a plan of attack, alternate routes amid the action, and a definition of what success in the battle is. And it will be a "hard copy" easily visual event. 7) This may seem like a repeat of #3, and maybe it is, but this is important. You cannot be defeated unless you allow it. You can be beaten, bowed, bruised, locked up, tied up, or killed, but you have to help them defeat you. Ask any prisoner of war and they will tell you what I mean. And as long as you have not surrendered your victory to them, you are a threat and can spring back at any time. I have been lucky enough to be unsuccessful while still claiming victory, and victorious without being successful. It depends on the mind.
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Irresponsible 'Education'

Libtardharvestor Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 2:05 PM
I support that estimation 100%! Add that the man is honest, and unafraid to admit error if he commits one. He long ago joined Dr. King and Alan West as one of my personal heroes.
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