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Nobodies hands are tied. The hard fact is that, like lite rail, NO "alternative energy" source can exist without subsidies. Even then the costs of manufacture is still prohibitive. It costs more, in terms of CO2 production, to manufacture Ethanol than it saves in the long run. The Wind power and solar electric methods require truly VAST stretches of open land in which to install towers or solar panels and still cannot create enough electricity to supply one half of the homes fossil fuels can with 1% of the space used. We hear about wind farms supplying the power needs of 350,000 homes and think WOW! But we are not told how the remaining 800,000 homes and uncounted businesses and factories are being supplied, nor how many million acres were needed to produce that power. We have reserves greater than the 3 next largest oil producers combines that we could market not just creating independence from them, but receiving hard cash from them in a complete turn around. And this is without considering Canada's near equally deep resources. Finally, CO2, the Villain Du Jour, makes up one half of one percent of the atmosphere. It is used by plant life world wide to LIVE and returns oxygen in the process. If you wish I know some books that you can look at on the subject. Proven, peer reviewed information by people in the weather business.
Well, so much for women's health! The Feds have just given approval of the "Kermit Gossnel method of abortion" with NO real of substantive health guards or options.
Beats the hell out of me! If you find out, let ME know too!
Liberal bastards will do anything to destroy Conservative thought because liberals have NO honor, sense of decency or, scruples. they have no programs that they can point to as successful, they support a failed system of governance, they cannot stand toe to toe in a fair balanced debate even if it's 3 liberals to ! Conservative, They (largely) cannot read, do simple math in their head, or care for their own things without professional help. Their children are spoiled, mean, obnoxious little animals who demand everything and are given it every time because liberals have .no parenting, or social skills. They cannot grasp abstract thought or see beyond their own childish wants. They live FOR nothing, and will NOT DIE for anything. There is one other life form that closely resembles liberals. It is called a parasite.
I could not agree more! You are absolutely correct! Thank you!
Make this response VIRAL! That small detail could be a huge difference in this!
Let's face it, she could be the public face for a hog farm and it wouldn't be pretty! (just thought a little poorly created humor might be needed here)
Some will have to be given immunity from prosecution (that removes the threat of self incrimination and negates the use of the Fifth.) They certainly have enough to choose from!
I can supply you with a source for you to check your claims with. It has kept the un edited, factual truth regarding the legal workings of Congress since very nearly the birth of Congress, in the Congressional Record. It has been kept as an historic and accurate record of the 2 houses of Congress so that no member may effectively lie about their voting record. It is not kept by a "party" but by the secretaries of each house, checked for accuracy, approved and printed. It also shows any defections between parties and all the who, what, when, and where. It does NOT list the party platforms of the parties (at least as far as I could see) so I don't believe you could find them anymore. For the record, Lincoln joined the, then new, Republican Party because it was the ONLY party (of 5 then existing) that HAD an anti slavery plank in it's platform. It is a checkable fact (that liberals never do because they don't like being proven wrong AGAIN!) that if you support liberalism, you support Racism, as well as socialism. I've shown you where to look for evidence on the Congressional website, so either show me as clean and unbiased a proof or accept that you are a racist of long standing as is the habit and belief of your party.
I agree 100% on the position, qualities and absurdity of MO. Good points, pow1000! But the salt myth was laid to rest several years back. It isn't salt that causes the blackouts. Salt, after all, absorbs water and the drinking of salt water (VERY small percentages of salt) will dehydrate and kill a person, left untreated. The blackouts are caused by an extreme imbalance of electrolytes in the body. These are best replaced with fresh fruits but can be assisted temporarily with any of the "sports" drinks on the market. I was given salt tablets when I was in the military, too. That practice is as old as America and maybe more. But it is, honestly, a myth. And you are very accurate in your questions and your point of ignoring her rants. Like everything liberals do, it's all about the CONTROL!
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