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Your facts are wrong. Not only do we have a growing Black middle class but we have a larger number of black millionaires than all other major industrial nations combined. (of course Obama's working on "fixing" that) That's just in black circumstances. While Obama has done his best to create a nation of 300,000,000 poor people most of us are doing everything we can to NOT cooperate! That upper 1% is the group that create jobs. invest money in others, and take the legal and the most financial hit if a business fails. Where did you think jobs (PAYING jobs that create a product and do not leach money from taxes) came from? Really, the liberal screed of "rich evil, poor good" is foolish on it's face and even many on the left disassociate from it entirely.
You liberals are FACINATED by the adjective "NEO "! Do you have a CLUE as to it's significance?
I wouldn't worry about a war. Your leader has reduced the military to levels it hasn't seen since before WWII. That won't be a war. That will be a slaughter that will be followed by take over by whoever wins and a deeply poverty stricken America with no Constitution, no freedom, and no hope of regaining them. As a liberal you will dispute this as well. When It's all gone because the evil old USA has finally fallen we will remember the words of Dr Martin Luther King. "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends." I will remember them exceptionally well. This country has fallen to careless and ignorant people. This is NOT what I fought for.
I've been screaming this for years now. I am thrilled to hear you say this too! I also want to see people be adult and not pout if their top candidate isn't picked. It amazes me how many people will not accept these simple conditions that will greatly help us recapture America. There is NO perfect candidate! Put the best we can in there and do the same in Congress, and work at writing, calling, emailing, and texting them to make our wishes known and remind them WHY they are there and WHO is really in charge. We have 3 guidebooks for them to use. The Declaration of Independence, The Bible, and The Constitution of the United States of America. Thank you Marie!
I like this list and am pretty close in my personal rankings. Condi Rice ranks above Sarah Palin and Alan West ranks with Scott Walker. Otherwise I'm pretty tight with this.
Have you EVER SAID ANYTHING that wasn't totally wrong?
So God has told you we will receive punishment because we have supported HIS chosen people? Or because we have suborned the attacks on the same people who routinely and daily dump missles and RPG's into populated urban centers in Israel? If the Israelis were to commit genocide against the Palestinians, there would BE no Palestinians! (Hence the word "Genocide") The Palestinians have never had a country of their own being the direct decendants of the Philistines (of Goliath fame). Palestine is a UN invention that never had a historical basis and was not even an issue until Israel got it's homeland back in 1948. The issue gained prominence around 1970 or so. It began the muslim movements back to fundamentalism.
In socialism the gov't OWNS all the businesses in whole or (less frequently) in part. What you are feeblely trying to pervert is facism, where the indivibual owns the business but turns the profits over to the gov't for redistribution. obama has managed to do both (like FDR) but to a lesser degree, so far. I have no idea who you talked with (had school ended for the day, and you were employed as a crossing guard, so you attempted to discuss politics with the 7th graders?) but they were NOT Republican. My guess is libertarian (in the American style).
I thought I had witnessed the absolute deepest depths of ignorance a liberal could go. I stand corrected? All you fools out there, Meet your king!
You mean like the word for word replies I always get from liberals for any question I ask? If I ask the same question of 20 liberals in a day, I will get the same word for word answer at leasdt 19 times. ( it's the WRONG answer, but it's consistant)
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