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There are no complete or in depth studies of the nature you allude to. The same sex side of the issue is too new and untried. The feelings currently expressed by the traditional marriage supporters are based, primarily, on faith. Everyone is quick to debase faith in any way that promotes that persons personal agenda, but, like it or not, faith plays a pivotal roll in the social and economical health of a society. We do not pay any kind of attention to faith based comments other than to demean them. We DO know that children raised in a home with a mom and a dad are generally successful. We also know that if faith is included in the home the odds and quality of success increase. These are some of the prime reasons that tyrannical rulers want so badly to rid their society of any form of religion. The obvious extrapolation then becomes a matter of where a child will better grow into a healthy society. Politics aside (which has NO beneficial effect for children) The healthiest, most solid, most beneficial situation to raise a child or strengthen a nation should be the traditional marriage. We will see, firstly, if the studies can be fair and unbiased and, secondly, what the effects of same sex marriage will be individually and nationally.
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Suicide By Stupidity

Libtardharvestor Wrote: 9 hours ago (3:43 PM)
First, I am a fan of Sarah Palin! Second, Derek Hunter is right here. Just as you can't sneak up on your enemy wearing Cuban Heels and Cow Bells, you also cannot pull off a surprise takeover by sharing the information on TV and Radio spots or in the press. Derek's legal points are accurate too. There will be NO corrective action AT ALL without Conservative majorities in both houses of Congress. Not of ANY kind. So if all the "Impeachment Now" folks would expend as much effort in filling those 535 seats with true Conservatives, as they have looking for a solution that is currently impossible, We just might pull it off! If everybody keeps on like they are now, we probably won't. And It's a certainty that we WILL NOT get a second chance! Each of us is either part of the problem or part of the solution. LACK of action gives added power to democrats.
annfan_777, Well said! (even if it is offensive to prostitutes.)
By all means let's let the squatter appoint some more judges. I can't see ANY problems with that! If Boehner is for it, that's plenty of reason to be against it!
Jesus, a faithful Jew who practiced all the rites and knew the Talmud by heart, Would condone the death penalty. Genesis 9: 6" Whoever sheds mans blood, By man shall his blood be shed." Jesus was at peace with the Law. Matthew 5: 17, 18 "Do not think that I came to destroy the Law, or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill. For, assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled." (Both from NKJV) He did, however, remind us that forgiveness, while not mandatory for a murderer. is always available and is done more for the giver than for the receiver. I have no idea what the Pope would say.
John, I look forward to these particular columns. I spend probably an hour a day on average arguing with liberals (everyone of which is a "well read, college educated, contemplative person of above average intelligence) over everything from the history of the Civil Rights Laws to the meaning of water. If I were a little more unbalanced the resulting anger and frustration over so many people willingly choosing to be ignorant would see me on the water tower with a deer rifle. Since we don't have a water tower, and the nearest one is 20+ miles away, and I'm to lazy to bend over to pick up anything smaller than a quarter, I vent my frustration on smaller pieces of lumber with either a 4# hammer or a hatchet, (on an unrelated side note, I will be purchasing a small wood fired furnace to curb heating costs! Just a little ecological bragging!) I also await your columns of surgical humor. It just feels good! And I sleep like a baby that night! Thank you!
I'm not sure if I'm going to be any help here or not. I understand very little "liberalspeak". I believe Hayes attempted to imply that they had given the bill such arduous debate that they knew very well what it said, meant, and did. I believe he then challenged Gabriel to show him otherwise, which Gabriel did. That's my take on it, for what it's worth! I hope it helps. I don't think getting pilloried was a real threat here. NONE of us understand the ACA, or "liberalspeak" enough to be that arrogant!
Even if he was, what POSSIBLE difference can that make here?
Yes it is, eddie! And the press reports from the reporters from the worlds newspapers represented there attest to the brutality and temerity of the Hamas or Organization which, together with their history, defines this as "just another Hamas tactic". A proven one.
No, he won't be qualified for any of that until his case has been completely disposed in his favor. He is in "administrative limbo" currently so they can keep track of him.
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