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ALL commies/libs/socialists believe a liberal fact checking site. Get a life go to your commie site's where lemmings like yourself can stroke each other hourly.
another jerk commie posting on a conservative site GO AWAY COMMIE
Rino mittens will give clemency, I'm sure.
Also, after the election, even if mittens does grant obungle clemency, I believe a condition should be No retirement, Be forcefully removed from USA, or be extradited to Mexico as I think they have some question for obungle.
At this point in time it is better for America to have obungle out of office so neither clemency or a pardon will befall obungle OR holder. Well, we can hope mittens wont grant clemency, but I think the RINO in him will call it "helping to heal America" . Can't embarrass the USA because of obungle. Holder on the other hand should find himself under arrest for at the least manslaughter for supplying the weapons in the first place.
The 300 figure is "confirmed" kills by F&F supplied weapons. The 3000 figure is Mexico's claims.
Dim Witted Shultz is an embarrassment to the "dumb blonds of America." And I apologize to the blonds I love so much.
The only time truth matters to libs/commies/progs/demoncraps is .......wait the truth doesn't matter to the insane libs/commies/progs/demoncraps.
Are you an uneducated assclown or are you just a stupid person?
My gun control includes consistently hitting what I aim at 100% of the time.
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