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I'm thinking that having a 10-11 yr old child is NOT the preferred "adult" justification for ANY action on the adult's part.
WHY? Because she knows NO ONE is going to do a damn thing to her at all. Congress and Issa in particular are all bark and no bite. We have palmetto bugs in Florida that are more frightful than any threat from ANY congressman.
And what section of the constitution did comrade fienstein quote as the legal reasoning for this legislation?
That you have written so much and yet have said so little is a testiment to your liberal attitude. That is to say that you are3 so much better equipped to know what is best for the "collective" (a commie word) instead of as the individuals that our founders thought us all to be. You fail as a person, and as a liberal, to understand that liberty is takingt care of yourself. Liberty is not being taken care of by the government. The constitution gives the power to the people, not to the government. If you libby/commie/progressives would just understand that simple statement nearly all of our national entitlement problems would be solved. How you ask? There would be NO entitlement I would answer. YOU are not entitled TO My wages.
My question would be : If the administration KNEW that a terrorist attack occurred 24hrs. after the attack happened, why is the FBI investigating this as a CRIME instead of the MILITARY intervening with combat hardened vets and/or drones?
A casualty of war is not a murder and you know it troll.
What else could one expect from a mus slim loving, com mie loving, gay, anti America hating piece of bovine excrement? What he deserves is to be arrested and sent to Mexico and tried for his complicity in the extinction of over 3,000 of their citizens.
Yes, WE, the people, KNOW obungle/burden hate America and the Constitution. Thank you for finally admitting it!
No she isn't. You're just pissedoff because your a troll that no one agrees with.
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