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Cant everyone see the horrific policies that these two affirmative action graduates are imposing on the American citizens! Why wont everyone look at it for what it really is! The two affirmative action graduates are against everything that is good and moral in the American way! BTW madonna has stated we have a black muslim in the WH get over it!
Yes absolutely and proteins
What about all of the children that live in a disfunctional household that dont get snacks or dinner when they get home,these children are going to bed hungry! I know for a fact that alot of these parents get food stamps but sell them to buy themselves tennis shoes,cell phones and whatever else they want! The children dont come first in these households! I always felt reassured that at least these children were getting two meals a day but now,well something needs to be done! I've been to the schools at lunch time and I dont see an overt amount of obese children! I am getting a petition together to stop this ludicrous policy in my school district!
The constitution gives her no authority what so ever,but when you have two people that are a product of affirmative action all of their lives when the opportunity arises to play king and queen it happens!
This is above heinous! I have first hand knowledge of children going hungry now because of these bogus policies! Alot of children only get their nutrition from school breakfast and lunch! This is not an attempt to fight obesity in children,this is an attempt to dumb them down by reducing the nutrients in their bodies therefore reducing their thinking ability! Do you really believe that this imposters children eat this way! No they eat like royalty! Everyone that cares about children should demand that their school board abandon this ludicrous policy! I for one am getting a petition together to stop this assault on children by this imposter!
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