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The two little garbage dictators in our white house!!!! How did America end up with something as utterly disgusting as these two hateful degenerates in our highest office in the land?!!
We now live in a world where delusional thinking is the norm! All said to create so much confusion among the citizens that they don't know right from wrong,left or right,up or down anymore, all a ploy to herd the worlds masses into slavery!!
obama does,nt deserve the freedom that America offers!!!!! obama deserves to be in a prison cell!!!
The yankees that he hates that freed his country from the horrific oppresion of communist n.korea,should they have not succeded he would be doing his stupid little dance while eating all the bugs that he wanted! I find this POS unforgivenly offensive!!! The "yankees" that gave their lives for his country! He's nothing more than putrid!!!!!
If the white man were to dissapear so would civiilized and prosperous societys! The white man has created the most successful economy and nation,known as America in the world! All you have to do is look at all of these cities in America that are predominately black run and you'll see how horrible they are! Nothing but welfare centers! Could you imagine if these diversities were in control of Americas growth,she would never become anything more than a third world country!
I am a staunch conservative, you sound like the self important communist liberal! Go ahead you can admit it you adore mooch and the usurper!
This is what has to be done,to hell with the rascist accusations if you oppose mooch's policies! Start a petition drive and hand deliver it to your school board! Call your rep in congress (allthough you have to be patient and not give up) they feel their not accountable to you anymore! Demand that they stop this ludicrous policy of the obama's!
when we the people stopped objecting to the govts policies! And keep electing the tyrrants again and again!
WE live in America occupier! WE give more money to foreign govts for that purpose but it ends up going to the dictators! Americans are supposed to be spoiled we live in the greatest nation in the world that was given to us by our military patriots throughout our history!
Cant everyone see the horrific policies that these two affirmative action graduates are imposing on the American citizens! Why wont everyone look at it for what it really is! The two affirmative action graduates are against everything that is good and moral in the American way! BTW madonna has stated we have a black muslim in the WH get over it!
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