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Report: Obamacare Triggering Double Digit Premium Increases

libslayer Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 3:23 PM
Thoroughly debunked by lying leftists doesn't count. When exactly did Obama convert from Islam? Why did he claim he was from Kenya for 16 years? Would you consider Obama a capitalist (other than with his own money)? The death panels are called IPAB Obama wants single payer, he's on video saying just that. This isn't MSNBC where you can just spew nonsense and the host just nods approvingly. Most people on TH realize you haven't debunked anything. But nice try. But bullish!t.

I was tempted to roll out one of our sarcastic "surprise" headlines for this post, but nothing about this law is surprising anymore.  Over and over again, conservatives' admonitions and predictions -- ranging from premium levels to cost curves to basic logistics -- have been vindicated by events.  We already knew that individual and family premiums were on the rise thanks to the president's signature law; the New York Times now reports that the government is forcing insurance companies to reach into citizens' pockets and extract up to hundreds of additional dollars per month for healthcare: