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Photo: 20,000 Pages of Obamacare Regulations

libslayer Wrote: Mar 12, 2013 9:04 PM
Probably something like " nice little family ya got there John, shame if harm were to come to any of them." I don't put anything past these creeps.

Late last week, Obamacare regulators added more than 800 pages to an ever-growing document that will govern your healthcare.  The bureaucrats' work product now prints out to 20,000 pages -- nearly eight times the length of the infamous original bill:

That tower is already taller than Kobe Bryant (see update), and much of the law hasn't even gone into effect yet.  According to the Government Accountability Office, Obamacare is projected to add $6.2 trillion to the nation's long-term deficits, despite presidential assurances that...