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The MSM's Hyper-Racial RNC Coverage

LibsHateAmerica Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 6:32 PM
You are right, Harry Reid and the dems have done a great job at proposing budgets the last 3 years. Because Obama's never balanced and added trillions upon trillions to the National debt over the next 10 years. Not even his own party would support that terrible plan.

You're already aware that MSNBC -- America's self-appointed racist dog whistle truth squad -- oddly chose not to air numerous speeches delivered by racial minorities at last night's Republican convention.  They have a narrative to protect, and all that.  But the Left-wing cable news channel isn't the only outlet following Chris Matthews down the path of unhinged and shameless race-baiting.  The LA Times gets in on the act with an editorial cartoon and column accusing Republicans of using their convention to put a "