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You do realize that because he added a Trillion in spending under Bush's baseline because of the stimulus, that spending increase is credited towards Bush. Now he hasn't increased much since then, but he has used the stimulus spending limits since then as his baseline, and is running a 1.3 Trillion deficit a year. He also has no plans of ever balancing the budget, his budget goes 75 years and only adds to the deficit.
Look at California, Detroit, USSR, Cuba.....pretty much anything under liberal control is destroyed and ran into the ground.
A true lib breaking it down by the gender of the persons involved. Any person here would say they would save the child's life over the adult, no matter the gender of the 2 involved.
Any person would save a child's life over their own if the choice were given to them. I am assuming any person would save a completely random child's life over their own if the choice was given to them.
You are right, Harry Reid and the dems have done a great job at proposing budgets the last 3 years. Because Obama's never balanced and added trillions upon trillions to the National debt over the next 10 years. Not even his own party would support that terrible plan.
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WaPo: Man, This Economy Stinks

LibsHateAmerica Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 8:10 AM
Capitalism is the only economic system EVER that will allow a person at the bottom to move to the top. The lefty socialist way will just allow everyone to suffer at the bottom together.
If libs didn't have double standards they would have no standards at all.
As soon as Obama releases his transcripts and thesis from college Romney will release his tax returns.
You do realize that every time taxes have been lowered, revenues to the treasury have actually been higher. And you also realize the top 1% earns 13% of income, but foot 40% of the bill.
Did you also notice how Jackson refused to agree with the fact that the criminal is the problem, not his means of carrying out his crime.
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