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Insane: Liberals Contemplate $1 Trillion Platinum Coin to "Solve" Debt Limit Issue

Libs_Are_UsefulIdiots Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 2:12 PM
HarryReidsAnUNAmerican Wrote: 5 minutes ago (2:05 PM) "Let the states, local governments, and charities handle what needs to be done. " They don't do a very good job, for the most part. > Poor HarryReidsAnUNAmerican doesn't seem to understand that those Republican states with Conservative governors have done a WONDERFUL job. They've CUT Taxes & Spending, and have not only balanced their budgets. most have a surplus. And corporations are flocking to those state. LOL

Welcome to Zimbabwe.  This is not a parody -- it is an actual report from the Washington Post:

Some economists and legal scholars have suggested that the “platinum coin option” is one way to defuse a crisis if Congress can’t or won’t lift the debt ceiling soon. At least in theory. The U.S. government is, after all, facing a real problem. The Treasury Department will hit its $16.4 trillion borrowing limit by next February at the latest. Unless Congress reaches an agreement to raise that borrowing limit, the government will no longer be able...

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