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ABC News: Hey, This Doctor Shortage Could "Crash" Obamacare

Libs_Are_UsefulIdiots Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 10:58 AM
NO SH!!T SHERLOCK!!! Just how many times have Conservatives posted EXACTLY THAT on TH for the past four years??? And how many times have the insufferably stupid libs either IGNORED that little fact, or ridiculed the poster??? And the doctor shortage is NOT THE ONLY REASON ObozoCare will fail and bring ruin to our country.

Just in case the unaffordable price tag and rising costs don't quite do the trick, America's spiraling dearth of doctors will contribute heavily to the collapse of our re-engineered health care system, according to a new study:

The United States will require at least 52,000 more family doctors in the year 2025 to keep up with the growing and increasingly older U.S. population, a new study found. The predictions also reflect the passage of the Affordable Care Act -- a change that will expand health insurance coverage to an additional 38 million Americans. "The health care...