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They should! Their lack of opposing the relentless power grabs and abuses against American citizens is disappointing to say the least
Good for you, karlinsync! The ballot box is one of the few tools we have left.
So great to see pictures of the March for Life! Thanks for the coverage! And it is wonderful to see all the young people!
woofpacker, That makes me weep. Seriously. If there is a next time, I hope that even the low information voters will realize someone offering "fundamental change" really means it, and it is not pretty. I feel so bad for your situation. I will be losing coverage completely because of Obamacare.
Marc, Would love to see you on the Supreme Court! You win the gold star of the day in my book!
I like that: "No competition leads to no good."
Good points. I would say the biggest problem in health care has been the encroaching involvement of the federal government. Just as when the feds got involved in college loans, the costs of tuition, like the cost of health care, has skyrocketed way out of proportion to the rest of the economy.
I like that!
They should! The GOP is picking the wrong "line in the sand." Why waste political capital for a miserly one-year delay? Now, to defund the whole monstrosity -- THAT would have been worth a fight. Apparently, most Republican senators don't have it in them.
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