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I had a nightmare that Jumpin' Joe was correct about this. Thank God I woke up.
You are watching the Poseur's Putsch before your very eyes...
Heyyyyyyyyy, wait just a minute! Nellis AFB is in Nevada! "Why should I care about one child when I have thousands of voters out there to pander to?!"
The guy is using a cooking typewriter! In 2024! WTF, over! Where did he find that relic? The same place he found the non-intellectual relic of anti-Christianity? Frilliant!
How far now to the re-education camps? Seriously, you can now be convicted of a felony for not allowing popular secularism to trump your religious beliefs. How close,the gulag?
Show of hands from those who want DC to bail out Detroit.
It wasn't a 13 hour filibuster. Is was an 11 hour filibuster with two hours of mob-rule chaos in the chamber where the wheels of the Republic ground to a halt. The mob effectively halted legislative process by shouting the house down until midnight tolled. This is how The Left wants to run our country. Mob Rule.
This moron's photo is from a NARAL get-together. Says it all.
Beautiful! Perfect pitch. Love 16 and 18. Can't wait to hammer Libtards friends this Memorial Day.
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