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The Mao Dynasty Moves Toward Democracy And Human Rights

danq Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 7:42 PM
"Sorry LibertyColumns, this is no joke! It is indeed ironic that as Communist China recognizes how free enterprise & capitalism really does work & spurs on their economy they move ever closer to it while Europe & the USA move towards ever bigger government & failed socialism with slow growth economies." What about the One Child Policy? What about the propaganda? The Great Firewall? Killing people from the Falun Gong? Nationalizing the Catholic bishops? Economic freedom (if they say so) is mere pennies compared to the horrors of the Chinese government, which "Republicans" are now promoting.

A more important, historically speaking, presidential election than America’s concluded last week … where Xi Jinping was entrusted with the leadership of China. The selection followed a process viewed as hermetic by us western barbarians. Yet there is an organic logic to it if viewed as part of a slow-motion, dramatic, transformation. This transformation has important implications for the United States, for China, and for the world.

The USA, counting from the Declaration of Independence, is only 236 years old. China has 6,000 years of continuous, historical, political culture. It has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations, most of...