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Only Republicans think equality and diversity is a bad thing. Are you a teacher? An expert on history? Obviously not, since you don't even have a clue what America's founding principles are...Liberty and Justice for all (not just people that look like and agree with you).
I pay my bills all by myself and I voted Obama. What's your point? I guess if you hear that people voting for Obama want a handout enough, you start to believe it - even if it isn't true. Poor people vote for issues that are important to them just like everyone else. I've never seen a party that demonizes our working and poor more than the Republican party - and then turn and try to claim moral superiority. Also, Morality and Spirituality don't need government interference to survive. The fact that you think that is sad. Not forcing your beliefs on others doesn't make you less spiritual. It just means you believe in individual choice. Forcing your beliefs on others is like spiritual rape. God doesn't force himself on others, so...
Good old Republican "victim". Everyone is taking your money to give to the "takers". Newsflash, everyone benefits from our tax dollars. Under Republican leadership - the wealthy just benefit more while the middle-class pay. If income is being redistributed - then why is all the wealth owned by the top 1% (90% of all America's wealth is owned by them). There would be a lot less people dependent on government if greed wasn't the rule of thumb. Yeah, money is being distributed all right - from middle-class to the top...thanks to politicians that serve their campaign donors instead of the people.
Ohio still enjoys an unemployment rate better than most states and Ohioans still understood that Obama was on their side and not the side of corporate-owned America. Obama won because the majority of Americans thought he would do a better job of leading this country.
Please stop with the childish non-English for God's sake. Name-calling is for kindergarteners - not grown ups. Stop listening to Mark Levin. You are starting to sound like him. (Uneducated and childishly mean!). Obama won because the majority of Americans trusted him to run the country better than Romney. It's that simple.
There are no death panels. The only death panels were the ones sitting on insurance company boards denying claims. "looking forward to when Obama's death panels come for you". What does that mean exactly? That you would be happy for someone to die? I guess that makes sense because people that fear Obamacare sure seem to not care about the millions that die without insurance. In the spirit of turning the other cheeck, I hope that someday someone that you love enjoys the benefit of not being denied care based on a pre-existing condition or a greedy insurance company denying care.
Voter fraud is non-existent. Face it - your party lost. The American people by a majority felt that Obama could be better trusted to lead this country.
You are delusional. Voter fraud has been aggresively investigated and there have been so few cases that it doesn't even warrant any attention. Voters voted for Obama because they trusted him more to lead this country. Thinking that electing Obama could mean the end of America...now that's stupidity.
You are delusional. Voter fraud has been aggresively investigated and there have been so few cases that it doesn't even warrant any attention - the Republican party just wants to keep bringin up voter id laws so they can suppress the vote of the groups of people that tend to support Democrats. Otherwise why would Republicans block college students using their college I.D.'s for voting purposes, but allow gun permits to pass as I.D.? It's who's voting for them that they care about - not the right for every citizen to vote.
yea, you guys just need to change how you communicate your race-baiting, anti-woman, forced government morality policies on the rest of moderate America and we will then vote for you. (sarcasm)
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