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We are not France. Say it with Me

libertybel4 Wrote: Jul 01, 2012 6:00 PM
Why some people still fall for Onama's BS about "affordable"healthcare is beyond me. Although that dingbat Justice Roberts voted Obamacare was constitutional, at least he called it what it is - a tax. Of course Obama and the Dems are still denying the truth that it is the largest tax in U.S.history - and a tax on everyone who works, not just the rich. Wait til we get socked with the real money bomb in 2014 - Obama is saving that for after the election. He knows that anyone who believes him now would never vote for him if they knew the truth of this Big Government scam.

The Gosh Darn Liberal wrote: Wow, what a week. Obama care passed and hopefully my insurance goes down. Maybe I should call it Romneycare and you people will look the other way. What a week! The weather has slapped most of you in the face and no "Global warming is a fraud" charges. Hope your enjoying your warm spell. What a week. Bin Laden is still dead and it still sticks in your craw. Happiness is a whiney conservative cut off at the knees. What a week! Housing prices are going up in my area. Ransom can stay in D.C. with...