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Union Label Stuck to $137 Billion in Illinois State Debt

Libertarian Teacher Wrote: Apr 09, 2012 1:44 PM
You are correct. However unions need to be stripped to non-political/non-profit organizations that are around for contract negotiations only. However that will take a concerted effort on the inside and out. Furthermore, politicians need to look beyond themselves (for once) and make substantial cuts to their pay and pensions. You average state representative makes more than tenured, PhD.'s at our best institutions. They also get 100% pensions after their first day (or term in some cases) of office. YOU ARE A PUBLIC SERVANT! SERVE THE PUBLIC!

Illinois has combined $137 billion in pension and healthcare liabilities on top of $9 billion in current unpaid bills. Yet, Illinois legislators will not even ask 6-figure pensioners to pick up a portion of their health premiums.

The Chicago Tribune reports Surprise! You owe another $54 billion

If Springfield won’t ask six-figure pension beneficiaries to pick up a portion of their health premiums, what are the odds that state legislators will confront their pension monster?

The state of Illinois admits to $83 billion in pension underfunding, a staggering weight on today's...