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Of course! Speed laws are racist, then! Just like drug laws are racist because more blacks commit the crimes and have a higher recidivism rate; school teachers and administrators are racist because more black kids are expelled; prisons are racist because they hold more black criminals and for longer times; employers are racist because the fire black employees at a higher rate than white employees; the police are racist because more white police apply to be officers than black applicants and because every white officer is just looking forward to the opportunity to shoot and kill a black boy or man; Congress' oversight is racist because no other AG has ever been held in Contempt of Congress and no other AG or pResident has ever undergone such scrutiny! Of course, that's what eric holder would have you believe. With all due respect, we know you're the attorney general of the United States of America. I've never seen an AG of any worth have to tell the country that, via the press and he's done it more than once. He's black. I totally missed that. Good thing he's here! Did eric holder happen to mention his armed takover of the ROTC building at Columbia where they holed up and demanded that the building be renamed "The Malcom X Building"? That guy is the head of the Just them department of the United States of America. How humiliating was that? He and others took over a building, armed in their takover and demanded that it be named after a known criminal that was organizing the race war to overthrow the United States of America, government of which he is now the Attorney General, violently! Oh the shame! Oh the humiliation! He didn't mention that; did he?
This is the F'ugly face of the democrat ick party cult!
I think O'not Really is an ignorant jack4$$ about certain things but that doesn't mean psaki isn't over her head.
Don't watch her. Continue with that war on women you're advancing while you're blaming the other side! Somebody's going to figure you out, even on your dumb 4$$ side of the argument.
Factually, democrat women have been advancing a war on conservative men and women more-so than the other way around. Most conservative women have the same general philosophy as conservative men. Not to speak for all of us but I believe that the democrat platform tells women they aren't strong enough, smart enough or good enough, that they need to fight against some absurd belief that conservatives wish to limit their access to contraception and to spend money they have rightfully earned that they're holding them back and keeping them from making a living, a concept easily debunked by real, applicable, factual statistics, instead of the subjective, massaged numbers that belie the facts, that they need the democrats to protect them, to fight for them against the mean opposition party and all they need to do is vote for them because they're mean, sexist racist, misogynists! You don't have much when you have to make $#!+ up to win elections. Shouldn't women be smarter than to believe demagoguery? Conservative women are.
It doesn't even use the term "immigration" in the Constitution. It's about "Naturalization" and it was once enumerated to the states and later to the Congress and there are laws on the books that lock the executive out of decisions on immigration when it has been named. There is no such thing as "immigration rights". It's not a natural right and it's not a Constitutional Right as defined in the Bill of Rights. We have to stop inventing language that does not exist.
With all due respect for these civilians, although I've never been captured, I can assure you one thing. I would never, not ever, knowing I could die, speak against my country, make a statement against my country, be filmed on my knees without resistance or outright refusal. I, unlike the popular belief that nobody wants to die alone would never allow my death without resistance, on my knees, making statements against my faith, my family, my country or my code. What are they going to do; kill me twice?
Bet the writer has short legs.
So, abortion on demand, no matter how safe or unsafe, access is more important than safety! The issue, in my opinion should be safety and consideration of the most defenseless and vulnerable, not on how hard it is to be safe. lowering standards should never be the accepted rational or rationalization for anything! This is the lazy ideological way of thinking. It's exactly contrary to the argument put forth by the abortion industry that if abortion becomes illegal or regulated, that women will go to unclean, low standard, makeshift or illegal clinics. So, this judge is therefor keeping the unsafe, makeshift, medical facilities open! Interesting!
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