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Slaughtered 'Sons Of Anarchy'

LibertarianSoldier Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 12:59 PM
I saw 5 minutes of one episode because a friend of mine was in it, DO from Oakland. He yells something and fires a hand gun in the air to start the riders on a run. I was at another friend's house, another Hells Angel, from SF. We laughed so hard from embarrassment that he had to change the channel and call DO to clown him about it. Yeah! Entertainment! I've seen about a dozen episode trailers and I'm embarrassed each time I see them. Good to get it off the TV so that it doesn't perpetuate the idea that this is what people who ride and members of clubs are.
They're going to stonewall FOIA long enough to sanitize the files. They'll leave a few tidbits of embarrassing information but nothing insurmountable. That's what they did with the IRS and that's what they'll do in the State Department. They need to further bury that $6 Billion dollars missing from the State Department's budget under clinton ii. That's how it's done in barack hussein obama's Amerika. Cost to arm and finance the muslim brotherhood and al qaeda to overthrow 4 allied governments so the muslim brotherhood is able to implement shariah law and give birth to a Caliphate: $6 Billion under the table and another $4Billion raised and charged to the tax payers on the books. Cost of keeping clinton ii out of the White House: Priceless!
This retard has been using ISIL which is an acronym for Islamic State of Iran and Levant in which Israel does not exist. This is an insult to Israel and I believe it is intentional given barack hussein obama's islamocentric administration as mirrored in his foreign and domestic policies. Kerry is in a hurry to conform to what the islamic state wants him to. This guy works to manufacture legitimacy the islamic regime does not command in the free world. This is what happens when cronies get together to run a country and a way of life off the rails.
Good to know. There is no argument that the courts may be used, here, even if the pResident is pulling their strings.
There has to be conscious, conserted effort to remove the malignancy of government from our educational system. The only reason the left has grown so strong, that the democrat party is able to get the youth so entrenched in backward thinking is that the government begins indoctrination in grade school, right through college. In college they get them all f'ed up, mentally and emotionally. This, I'm certain is their answer to homeschooling where thinking parents insulate their children against brain washing. They want to get them even younger.
She's actually dumber than the "liberal chick", satirical caricature. Imagine that! How, exactly, is this person newsworthy? Must be a fluke!
One more is half and two more is a majority. That would mean that the majority of the country isn't so unconstitutional in their beliefs that they are willing to ignore Article I, Section 1; Article 2, Section 1; Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution and The founders' writings, in their own words, such as in the Federalist 57 in James Madison's letter to the State of New York that explains the identical issues and the remedy for this kind of executive overreach and tyranny, complete with instructions which the democrat party and their propaganda ministry tell the people is unpatriotic and un-American. They couldn't be more wrong if they tried with all their might and they seem to be trying very hard, already. That's why they point a fallacious, partisan finger at the House Republicans for somehow causing the democrats to shut down the government. That's the warped way they see it and the insane, upside down, inside out and backward way they say it in post-Constitutional America, barack hussein obama's Amerika! This government, this monarchy, this imperialistic democrat with their emperor must be shut down and we must return to the constiutionalilty of our once great country.
Careless, hard jet-setting! Great spender! Really good at toppling allied governments for the muslim brotherhood (Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Syria)! Well connected to the muslim brotherhood! That's why she wants to be frienemies with those that wish to enslave and murder us! I have another idea! Stand with Ben gha zi! clinton ii has disqualified herself for any post in government.
Really? No; not really! This is Boehner we're talking about. He doesn't even rate as a RINO. Rinos tell you where their coming from but this guy is a double agent. He's behind closed doors making deals that are good for nobody except democrats. What's so dangerous is that Boehner believes he is doing what's good for the people while he sells us out because he's a surrender first coward and he, in his heart of heart believes he knows better than the people that sent him to Congress to be the opposition party leader, the Constitutional leader, the leader that would do the right thing when pop culture tells us it's OK to bankrupt us, expose us to a murderous cult called islam, morally bankrupt us, as a country, as well and to behind the scenes, support the guy that lies to us while he marginalizes anything having to do with liberty. We have to get this guy out! I do not understand how we can be so stupid as to keep this guy in leadership while he and his cronies are on the same side as those that are sworn to destroy our Constitution. Get him out!
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