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Write the RNC. Let them know they will never get a dime, not a nickle not a penny if they don't denounce this and demand Thad Cochrane do the right thing and bow out.
All of the above! We can't let this stand!
It'll solve some serious problems right about now!
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Benghazi and Hillary

LibertarianSoldier Wrote: Jun 29, 2014 1:26 PM
yeah! She's familiar with the "...fog of war"! Remember when she said this: "I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base." This was in a speech she made during a campaign to bolster her foreign policy experience. Then, when Politifact called "Bull$#!+" on it, she said she "misspoke", you mean f'ing lied through her teeth to pad her empty resume'. She doesn't 'misspeak' anymore; does she? I think the fact that she and others were listening to calls made by ansar al sharia (usama bin laden's re-branded al qaida) to their terror organizers, "in real time", I think that bull$#!+ has to be called just about every time she speaks (I mean 'misspeaks')! While we're at it, there's been a term that's been repeated all over Washington and parroted in the news as well as by investigators that is more bull$#!+! That's the term, "not core al qaida". that's who she calls the attackers and ansar al sharia. Not only is ansar al sharia core al qaida, they are al qaida re-branded by usama bin laden, as evidenced by the computers and documents removed from usama bin laden's compound in Pakistan. democrats, hilary's shill at the New York Times that recently wrote an article refocusing the youtube video as the cause for a spontaneous uprising and supporting the lies told on 5 Sunday morning talk shows after. Some people keep repeating that "not core al qaida" quote and calling ansar al sharia an al qaida affiliate because clinton ii, obama and the democrats want you to believe that lie as much as they wanted you to believe that youtube movie creating a "spontaneous uprising"! They really wanted you to believe that! Look into obama's and clinton ii's funding and gun running to overthrowing of 4 allied governments for the muslim brotherhood who would implement sharia law where there was none before.
It's a natural conflict of interest! If a married couple has a dog, one always give it what it wants, increase its' toys, attention and food, all day, while the other is more sparing, doesn't want it to be overweight or it to expect to eat all day, won't spend more on toys than the budget allows and is so hard working for its food,toys, grooming, vet bills that person can't spend time with it, to whom do you think the dog will give its loyalty? It's likely there'll be some hostility toward the one that doesn't overfeed it and if there's a disagreement with the couple and the doting dog owner is mad at the less attentive owner, the one that's not bribing the dog might get bit!
With what's at stake, the equivalent of an Olympic Sprinter of lesser character, of lesser record, lesser talent, lesser morals conspired with members of another country's team to trip his team mate just before the finish line! With this at stake! With all this at stake and to characterize this as egos and petty is not only minimizing, rationalizing and dismissive, it is insulting! OK! Let's now insert some ego! The establishment republicans have so damaged the party, for so long, they are worse than democrats! I never thought there was anything worse than a democrat and now I know there is. This is too big to dismiss! establishment republic-rats have been openly discussing crushing conservatives, crushing the very people that made them relevant! Ingrates! Disrespectful, traitors! Insolent, treacherous backstabbers! They've called themselves our enemy and they've proven they are, in word and deed! They are turncoats and they should not and will not be forgiven! I don't know how, at this minute, except growing the TEA Party, that I am not a member of but feel like I must enlist and make them pay,somehow. Lines that never should be crossed have been crossed and there is no going back. Short of Thad Cochran doing the right thing and backing out, there is no remedy to this atrocity! Reagan must be rolling over in his grave! This is unforgivable because it is! This should not be let to stand! Don't perpetuate the disrespectful, dismissive, insolence by calling it egos and petty! This is so much more than that and the damage done can't be undone! this is a bell that never should have been rung and can't be un-rung but the republican party can redeem itself by not letting it stand, by demanding that Thad Cochran, having so injured, so egregious, another true, traditional Republican do the right thing and do the only thing that can partially right a nefarious act of wrong! republican party! Fix this!
So, what! It's shelter! It could be worse. It could be a place that once hosted a DNC Convention and I'd still say it's shelter. That's pretty petty!
Do these jack4$$es really not know about the cheat sheets, how to answer questions that qualify them as refugees? Is anybody that ignorant? Bad question! They are either that ignorant or they're that used to pretending to be ignorant and incompetent. The democrat ick pary mantra: "Life's hard; play dumb (incompetent)!" "Obama’s executive actions like the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, lax enforcement policies, and Congress’ talk of comprehensive immigration reform." That, folks, is what you call a dog whistle. Factually, those that came didn't get the dog whistles. They had to get operatives to go to these countries to incite these people with fliers and ads on their TVs and radio. It's been a publicity campaign that any publicist would be proud to take credit for but I'm certain the firm has been sworn to secrecy if obama didn't get on the phone with his pen and contact the leaders of this country, direct.
No they don't! They champion their own speech. They are ignorant, intolerant and bigoted to those that do not agree with them. It could be disgusting. it could be offensive. It could be pornographic and include bodily fluids and they'd defend it but if it is not from a left wing source, they will find something wrong with it and damn it!
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Obstructionism Is Patriotic

LibertarianSoldier Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 10:28 PM
Love your column but I think we need to stop calling ourselves the right unless we mean correct, correct thinking. Please stop calling Liberty and the Constitution right wing concepts, as if we were monarchists, fascists, nazis, islamists and any other authoritarian, totalitarian, autocratic, collectivist ideology. Please don't use left speak! Just because we are not left wing does not make us right wing!
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