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Can any Cons tell me--w/a straight face--that they'd give a hoot about Bengazi if a Dem weren't in the WH? NO.
Or, kind of like the USGovt. did w/Iran in the 50's...imposing the Shah on Iranians against their will?
Romney got a D- grade from Gun Owners of America prior to his 2012 nomination. And yet...Cons said his actions as a state governor were less important than his campaign promises. Judging from Cons track record, Christie should be a SHOE-IN come 2016...
Well, Romney had about as bad a record on guns as any liberal Democrat and Cons gave HIM the nomination in 2012... In 2008 nearly EVERY Con I talked to said "I'll never vote to nominate McCain" and yet...most lined up behind him anyways... I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Christie get the nomination.
OK..out for now. No hard-feelings to the Christians...really. I AM glad that there are folks who at least pay lip-service to there being a higher "authority" than govt.
@ Olbermann I'm not "scared of Christians". I just think you're 100% wrong in believing in gods. If god said rape was OK...would it be OK?
Very Christian of you to say that, eh? Jesus would be proud!
@ Kirk The American Revolutionists WERE enlightened...they were a product of the ENLIGHTENMENT (age of REASON). However, their being Christian probably had less to do w/it than being logical and intensely independent/moral people willing to DIE for their beliefs. The same CANNOT be said of modern-day Americans or Christians, sadly. IMHO, today's REAL god in America is GOVT.
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