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god bless our brave ICE troops who protect out freedom!
LOL...yeah... When Cons bluster about using guns to overthrow the govt...what do they THINK that would look like? BOSTON.
American Totalitarianism There's really no other word that would accurately describe the behavior of the many agencies that stormed through Boston and its suburbs this week. Thousands of State and local police, sheriff’s deputies, FBI SWAT employees, Homeland Security Shock Troops, and National Guard soldiers conducted a massive search – virtually none of it in compliance with the 4th Amendment – in search of a single teenager. They practically ordered an entire city "locked down" and were presumably prepared to begin arresting residents who refused to comply with what amounted to martial law. http://lewrockwell.com/poindexter/poindexter11.1.html
Ever heard the phrase "innocent until proven guilty"? For all the MSM-bashing that goes on at TH...you'd think the Cons here would be a little more careful about buying its 'reporting' on this...
To some people, referring to "sheeple" sounds demeaning. However, when we have an entire population of millions in the greater Boston area not going out of their homes, and an entire community under siege because of one lone criminal, I will say, "Sheeple." Americans seem so dependent on the government for everything, and are so hypnotized now by the government’s fear-mongering and rationalizations for its abuse. http://lewrockwell.com/lazarowitz/lazarowitz69.1.html
Anyone w/a shred of intelligence understands Benghazi is an INSIGNIFICANT problem amongst America's numerous impending disasters. However, its easier for Cons and the GOP to rant about this than it is for them to address the debt and foreign-policy disasters...
@ T_C GW started two huge and disastrous wars which have cost 10,000's of American casualties. And they CHEERED him on... I don't take them seriously about Benghazi...pure political game-playing...
How can the base continue carrying the GOP's water?
Can any Cons tell me--w/a straight face--that they'd give a hoot about Bengazi if a Dem weren't in the WH? NO.
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