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These UN peacekeepers were anyways not serving any purpose on the Syrian border and I think it was a good idea to get rid of them. It also gives an opportunity to deploy them on our borders and secure our borders from the kids coming into our country and creating a kidphobia among the right wing folks.
It is great to see our POTUS breaking useless historical traditions and wearing a tan suit for the press conference instead of the monotonous blue/gray suit worn by POTUSes. He is a leader in all respects.
What does Fox News want? That our POTUS should not get out of the White House till he has a strategy for ISIL in place? Obama is not supposed to make the strategy, it is his job to approve strategy made by Pentagon and guide them if required. Most of these Pentagon officials are Bush appointees who do not do their jobs professionally. POTUS Obama cannot be blamed for their inefficiency.
It is like the egg and chicken situation. Obama does not have a strategy and Cameron's strategy is to follow the strategy of Obama.
I though he was wearing a tan suit during the conference and not blue?
He does not have a strategy but is building on one to take out the monster just like the way he smashed Al Qaeda and got OBL. It is great to see a POTUS speak the truth and show that he leads from front and not from behind.
Some more attempts by right wing media to create phony scandals. The truth about US economy in WSJ and FT is totally different. But the loonish right wingers cannot believe a black POTUS can actually do wonders for US from the mess that Bush created. The US economy’s second-quarter bounce was even stronger than previously thought, with the official annualised growth estimate raised from 4.0 to 4.2 per cent. The upward revision is further evidence of robust underlying growth in the world’s largest economy as it swung back from a weather-affected 2.1 per cent decline in the first quarter. US economy roars back with 4% growth in the second quarter Earnings momentum needed to drive bull run I
It was not destroyed, she dropped it by mistake.
Romney against Hillary Clinton, its gonna be a cake walk. Once a loser always a loser.
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