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Good News: Tax Dollars Used to Pay "Stimulus" Recipients to Watch Movies, Play Cards

Flushing money down a toilet is this presidents specialty. He has no problem running this country into the dirt. Please bring upon us sooner, the day on which liberals have their face in the dirt, so we can begin to once again rebuild, based on a fair tax and minimum government intervention. Socialism sucks. it downgrades everyone.

The president is asking Congress to approve another unpaid-for "stimulus" package, supposedly designed to execute all of the urgent infrastructure projects that his previous $825 billion effort somehow failed to accomplish (ba-dum-bum).  Since we're on the subject, let's check in on Stimulus 1.0, shall we?  From the Wall Street Journal:

The Obama administration's electric car efforts took another hit on Wednesday after a federal inspection found a South Korean advanced battery maker never scaled up U.S. production despite receiving $142 million in...