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is there anyone the Dems could put up that you could atleast look at when they talked? She'd have to hang a pork chop around her neck just to get the family dog to greet her at the door. NASTY!
...most of the folks I talk to consider him one of the most unacceptable presidents ever
This is what you get when Low information voters elect C- students
Dems cannot win anything without cheating
No matter what color you are or socio economic background, if you don't know the issues or the politicians for Gods sake stay home. Voting only for what goodies you get is shortsighted and will eventually bring down any country.
Actually I believe him to be the worst most offensive (to our freedoms) than any president in the history of our country, and we are about to find out how much worse things are about to get with this America hating Marxist as he gears up to grant permanent residency to 11m illegals.
Lets put Obama at the receiving gate so as all these infected people come into our country he can be the first one to give them a big hug and a kiss
and democrats in Washington will not do anything to seal the border because it would interfere with their voter registration drive.
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