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the problem is not just obama, its the 10 million plus idiots that voted for him not once but TWICE. Aside from them, he is the worst president EVER.
Obama lied,.... we all know he is liar....and We were sold a bill of lies. Repeal it. That would be the right thing to do,
No comment, no plan from this administration. Pathetic ball-less appeasers these libs/ trying to make nice with rattle snakes.
Its a good thing Obama has a plan to deal with these creeps, buying up billions of rounds of hollow point ammo for a long list of federal agencies,... building dozens of fema camps, militarizing police departments across the land, and thoughtfully restricting our gun rights so us stupids don't shoot ourselves in the foot. I feel very safe right now.
Enjoy the 72 virgins Dougie.
DUI's, gun hustling, lying, taking bribes, .....smells like a D-E-M-O-C-R-AT Take his keys away and fire him.
May I add, communists are evil
He'd probably mistake it for toilet paper
Where liberalism is allowed to run amok, malaise is usually found. Liberalism Socialism Communism Its all the same caca sandwich
We know very little about this man of numerous social security numbers... Kind of makes you wonder if he is being sympathetic to illegals, because in a way, he may be a fraud himself. Sheriff Joe, we are waiting for your report!
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