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Israel is an island of sanity, industry, freedom, and democracy surrounded by a sea of hatred and fanaticism. You don't have to be Jewish to see that.
with liberals ideology trumps truth, common sense, or any sense of concern for country. It's truly a mental disorder, and this women is a disgusting hag.
Nations are at war.... we are being invaded, the economy is crashing, the rule of law is no more... "Mr President, would like fries with that"?
"...the administrations biggest regret was it failure to bring change..."?u got to be kidding right? This progressive POS has done greater harm than any POTUS in our history.
Which of the following is true? When the government fears its citizens there is freedom, when the citizens fear their government there is tyranny. Our out of control federal government is feeling their gravy train of tax payer cash and control is being threatened and their agenda stopped. Our local law enforcement has been given these toys not realizing they may have to use them against their own families.. Our post racist, transparent, all intelligent and thoughtful uniter in chief has innocent and benevolent intentions.
Tanned self serving opportunist fake .......good riddance
The magazines published by the NRA all have a section called "The Armed Citizen". short, relevant, recent...... If you are a gun owner and not a member shame on you.
Our university systems are communist indoc centers, and the older ones who graduated and are running the country now are the same ones that consider TEA Partiers, returning military, anti-abortionist, God fearing, gun owners all domestic terrorist.
WJF wins the; "Baracks Life in Less Than 6 Sentences" essay contest. good job.
actually the debate is NOT over Obama. You and all your pals are going to wear this albatross around your necks big and large come Nov. The American people are on to your twisting and hiding of data, and your lying nature. I wouldn't want my signature on this sh* sandwich. And there is nothing you can do to dress this up and make it taste good. I spit it from my mouth. In fact most of your agenda flat out sucks.
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