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UPDATE: Labor Department "Working Hard" to Release Jobs Report On Time

Libconehead Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 11:05 PM
Perhaps the BEST strategy of all is to reject MSM. That's not to say never observe or be aware of but simply reject as a regular channel. When the MSM constantly labels you as this or that because they believe this or that it's time to move on. In addition, one becomes "concerned" with an environment that was once expanding to that of one now contracting. Thus "resources" once deemed as exterior threats now become "resources" of interior threats. Thus GOVERNMENT becomes a dominating force of "Righteousness". All the while the Government is instrumental in "defining" threats.. From within and without... Usually "Ghosts", to solidify and project. Watch.

Maybe this afternoon's little trial balloon turned into a lead ballon faster than the department had anticipated.  Via National Journal:

The Labor Department sought on Monday to quell worries that Hurricane Sandy, which has closed federal offices as it bears down on the East Coast, could delay the scheduled release of its monthly employment numbers on Friday. “The employees at the Bureau of Labor Statistics are working hard to ensure the timely release of employment data on Friday, Nov. 2,” Labor Department spokesman Carl Fillichio said in a statement. “It is our intention that...