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LOL. Well said. However, to make money in "NEWS" one must sell something... Usually a point of view at odds with prevailing views or "Shock" value. Then again, perhaps "pointing" out the fallacies of each and every NEWS item becomes profitable. Sell something, say something.. Even if it's trivia and unworthy. Remember, you become what you eat. And, in a nutshell, you become a multiplicity of dumb down "drones" whose value wanes with each edition. My advice... PICK your issues carefully and not all issues. Additionally, there's no need to tackle each and every human frailty. That leads nowhere. FOCUS! And make it worthy!
Hmmm, Naive are we? Each and every party in POWER pushes its own agenda. To publicly state that one party or the other drinks Kool-Ade is ridiculous! Such is the result of a two-party system! Either them or us mentality. I suspect we all have much more commonality than either party or the media trumpets. It is in Media's and Politics interest to divide. It is in our "Interest" to boot out and ignore the pandered filth that prevails from both the above entities. I encourage all those engaged with knowledge and research to vote based upon fact. To simply become INFORMED and let no one else do your bidding or have your vote. We "Earn" our leadership by voting and not voting. Ultimately, we reap what we have sown and not sown.
To say you're woefully misguided and intellectually deficient would be an understatement. You have no clue. Move on.
Well said. As a Veteran, American and one who is skeptical of "relentless" authority in the name of security, safety and whatever falsehoods the Powers that be proclaim, your statements reflect a thoughtful approach. Having been a programmer and engineer I knew a long time ago the "ABUSES" of each and every milestone of technology. When relational databases hit the market I was concerned. I knew then it was only a matter of time before everything uttered, or said in passing would be candidate for long-term storage and retrieval upon demand, let alone anything stated publicly.. I applaud Edward Snowden and am forever in his debt of revelation. Because if I stated such, I'd be dismissed without credentials or worthiness. I leave you with two final thought... "The highway to Hell is paved with good intentions" and Neither Party, nor Government has your best "interests" at heart.. Besides Taxation and leeching off your hard work.
As the saying goes. Rather a thousand guilty go free than to kill one innocent. Same logic applies here... Kinda of. Kill 50 million plus innocents and allow 50 million illegal immigrants to become citizens who then will get 225 million abortions for free. Is this a great country or what? I suppose I'm not making sense, then again.. Who in today's world can make much sense of or make much sense out of? Since foundational "Truths" are ripe for ridicule, scorn and derision, I'm surprised the "Wu" even apologized. What's more, I'm stunned by anyone ever voting the democratic "KILL" ticket "Joke-ster" in or continuing to do so. Unreal.
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Fox News Host Banned From Facebook

Libconehead Wrote: Jul 01, 2013 8:22 PM
Facebook, self-glorification web server for dumb users. I, for one don't need any followers nor groupies, nor brainless twits as I can think critically for myself. I suggest you stick to other avenues of publication and leave DumboBook to the mindless drone wanabee's. God knows, there's acres of idiots there. However, if your mission was to rile, chafe, torment the loonies and show Dumbobook to be the hypocrisy authoritarian social cesspool it is while promoting yourself, consider it accomplished.
Excellent comment. However, Having lived 60 years or so and observing Laws being designed with no teeth, Laws willfully ignored, Laws capriciously administered, Laws arbitrarily administered, Laws whimsically enforced, Laws that were deliberately constructed to be vague and open to multiple interpretations and Laws that pertain to some members of society and not to all members of society. The problem is systemic. The problem is corruption within ourselves and Government. For if our current society is a reflection of our current Government. Game Over. Reboot. The "Buck" stops with us. Vote them all out! Unless you Whoreship uh, money and power and hypocrisy.
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FBI Director Testifies About Leaks

Libconehead Wrote: Jun 13, 2013 9:40 PM
Sweet Jesus! What a package of misinformation and lies. As someone who has been in the computer environment for 35 years I find the dialogue to be woefully deficient in "facts". Disgusting. To allude that dragnet technology may be useful is nothing other than archive Draconian metrology and "some day" this may be useful blackmail. Nothing more. It is wrong from every perspective. It is indefensible by any human moral measure and it is simply a LIE! It IS Big Brother infancy! The collection of each and every connection one ever makes in life - Recorded. Some Life, hey? For some, records will be expunged and lost, for most... Tracked from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn. Is this the life you trade for "Security"?
-Senior Policy Advisor for The Catholic Association Maureen Ferguson..- "the majority of women are opposed to late-term abortions according to a recent Gallup poll." Hilarious! Since when did any "poll" indicate morally Right or Wrong? Since when did any "poll" do anything morally correct? To quote a poll as having any virtue or validity shows how far the Catholic church has sunk. Pathetic. Burger King Catholicism within and out. Have it your way, as long as the collection plate is fulfilled..
Cloud computing - Equals Government ransacking of each and every document stored. Of course, your files are safe and secure.. So says Microsoft and its online cloud 365 products. Just be careful what you do and say, who knows, you may become an enemy of the State some day. Imagine that? You're already a potential suspect by virtue of Government over-reach and drag-netting. Be a good citizen, mind your manners, pay your taxes and think what the current Government wants you to think. Else you might be a candidate for remedial State education and involuntary incarceration.
Remember, it happened in Boston.. A hotbed of Liberals who Love every human defect and say... Come, kill us, we understand your pain. We were also the town of departure whose Islamic terrorists rammed jets into the World Trade Towers, and Pentagon. We are Liberals who have no clue, no morals, no ethics, no culture, no identity. If you want a nice, quiet vacation.. Or marathon. Come to Massamurders and be blown-up or away.
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