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There has and always will be welfare. Through the 'Church', 'Government', 'Relatives'. The 'issue' is one of worthiness. Even then, should a leech be left to die? Heady stuff? Hey? There is clearly no right answer to address every situation. The 'resolution'? Strikes! That's right! Baseball mentality. We will help you so many times and then you suffer and die. Adult age, mind you. We must let people die of their own volition, to think that we can 'help' individuals hell bent on self-destruction and laziness is folly. We need to accept their death as part and parcel of LIFE and 'object' lessons. To 'gloss' over and accept it is wrong. To 'pity' it and continually pay for it is another story. Food Stamps are a massive scam, perpetuated by the uninformed, un-knowledged and grossly corrupt corporations and low-life-scum whose income is subsidized by it.
I suspect he's heard of a dictionary. Factually, he's a bit less than competent in 'understanding' terms defined within it. Anyway, thx for input/correction. His last comment to me was basically.. Whatever. A euphemism for... 'I hate you for showing the World how Stupid I am'. Sorry to say, he's flat stupid. Dems de facts. ( Humor ).
Uh, you don't get the drift Buckwheat ( look it up, Dunce ). I say boot BOTH parties out! Neither one cares about America. They're both self-serving liars. I tire of stupid, move along.
Nothing NEW here. Move along folks. Bizarre statements from the left, Government plantation peoples and HollyScumWood are a dime a dozen. Everyday! If you're like me and you read the news.. Cringing and Steeling themselves for the most outrageous, erroneous commentary from some intellectually bankrupt outlets, be it Politicians, WebCrud or factually starved nutjobs. There's no denying the fact that being Progressive means being mean, pseudo-intellectual savages, and hypocritical leeches. You can only be "stunned" so many times before you become unsurprised by the viciousness of the left and their reluctance to punish "one of their own" for malicious vapidness and unrelenting stupidity.
Face it, we have a dim-witted malignant tumor in the White House, a toxic Democratic party and for the most part, a MSM simply being elitist demigods who preach willy-nilly doctrine of zero worth. However, if you factor in their capricious beliefs due to this moment or that moment they sure Whine a lot. From another comment board I noted this: Paraphrased... You cannot vote the same people in and expect change. Yes, I know it's Dumb and self-evident. But Jesus! Vote them all out! Both self-serving parties. Do you GET IT? Otherwise, you / we are SCREWED!
So a Clown and an announcer made fun of a incompetent, inept, bumbling token President with an IQ lower than a Chimpanzee? Hmmm, not sure I understand the hullabaloo. Am I missing something here?
> We are all at the political whim of the taker class.. Perhaps we are now. If you will note, with the Senate locked at 100 members and the Congress locked at around 456 or so members as the population increases there is zero increase in representation. Thus, increasing dilution of voters input. There simply comes a time when Democracy no longer works given static self-serving leadership, Nine Justices who define law (5 to 4) votes, an out of control President and a diametrically opposed congress. It is a time in History for division and separation due to unbridgeable points of view. Otherwise, there is nothing left but "Central" command and control, otherwise known as Fascism/Dictatorship. It's inevitable. Today and especially tomorrow, your vote continues its long slide into oblivion and... Amazing success stories from Pravda representatives and by your vote being increasingly, increasingly diminished.
Team Blue. Simply no shame, no self-accountability, no hypocrisy, no falling on sword and endless denials until three plus witnesses show.. Then, false contrition followed by taxpayer footing the extravaganzas. If anyone else thinks these times are Bizzaro, you're not alone. If you want America to survive, vote them all out. We have 95% co-opted Cesspool leeches driving the bus to hell. Like Einstein kinda said.. Voting the same Leeches in and expecting different results is a sign of insanity.
Almost Hilarious. McCain won't ever be re-elected again nor will he run for office again. What better time than to simply use whatever remaining time he has left and shove his legacy agenda down people's throats. He could care less. An enviable position, no doubt. I'm truly surprised Sarah Palin ever joined his Presidential campaign.. Perhaps she's as ambitious as Hillary, where the end justifies the means and a Pig partner is part of the political pigpen. Sigh.
LOL. Well said. However, to make money in "NEWS" one must sell something... Usually a point of view at odds with prevailing views or "Shock" value. Then again, perhaps "pointing" out the fallacies of each and every NEWS item becomes profitable. Sell something, say something.. Even if it's trivia and unworthy. Remember, you become what you eat. And, in a nutshell, you become a multiplicity of dumb down "drones" whose value wanes with each edition. My advice... PICK your issues carefully and not all issues. Additionally, there's no need to tackle each and every human frailty. That leads nowhere. FOCUS! And make it worthy!
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