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Surprise: Tax-Hiking Dem Senator Forced to Pay Tax Penalty on DC Mansion

Libby312 Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 12:51 PM
You do know that your point could be more easily made if you used real words instead of making up your own spellings. Once someone starts to read your post, they quickly realize that you are just an uneducated, bitter hag who offers no real voice to the issue at hand. Please try again when you have something real to add.
Rick676 Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 1:08 PM
The one typo is due to the "inapproriate language" filter on the thread. If that is the source of your criticism, you seem to be the "uneducated, bitter hag" you decry.
Becca in TX Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 1:02 PM
Libby-Maybe you're the problem. I didn't have any trouble reading it and Tea made a lot of sense to me.

This post pretty much writes itself.  Step one - Louisiana liberal Sen. Mary Landrieu demands higher taxes on the American people, averring that President Obama's recent $600 billion hike (in addition to all the Obamacare taxes) "is not enough" to satisfy Big Government's spending appetite:

"We have to bring more revenues!"

Step two - Louisiana liberal Sen. Mary Landrieu admits to