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Considering that the only people who have contracted Ebola in America were on the nursing staff that treated a patient, I would think that it would be obvious that we are well protected. Unless you work for Texas Presbyterian who did a horrible job of training their medical staff and providing them the necessary protection. Even the family members of the infected patients haven't caught it. Do you really think that passing someone on the street will put you at risk? That's just ignorant.
Let's see...every medical expert that has spoken has spoken against a quarantine and yet politicians seem to think that they know better. So typical.
Wow. You really do hate people who are trying to make life better for others, don't you?
What? Where on earth did you get that from?
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Where Was President Obama?

Libby312 Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 2:29 PM
Seriously? Except for the attack in Arkansas, they were all plots that were stopped. You guys try way too hard...
I have unfriended someone over politics. However it has to be more than not sharing the same ideology. If you are blatantly racist or just hateful, I have no need to be friends with you online or in real life. To me, Facebook should be fun. It's for keeping up with relatives & friends that live elsewhere. It's not for political rants.
What the heck is wrong with you?? First, Canada is our ally and neighbor. Their PM being assassinated would not be good for Canada. And how can you just wish death for someone simply because they are in political office? That doesn't mean that they do not have family and friends that would miss them. In this case, the PM has 2 children. You are an awful person.
Where do y oh see that in the constitution?
To raise awareness. So that others will donate. 31.5 million in 3 weeks is amazing.
I think that the ALS Association would disagree. And they have 31.5 million reasons why.
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Death of a Teenager

Libby312 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 2:47 PM
What broken eye socket? The one that he went to the hospital for? The one that wasn't broken in the video shot right after the shooting when he was walking around with other officers just fine?
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