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Voter fraud? But wait...the new voter ID laws went in to effect in Mississippi with this election. And the GOP has been shouting about how voter ID will stop voter fraud. McDaniel & the Tea Party are being sore losers. Cochran appealed to all voters of Mississippi instead of the narrow tea party voters that McDaniels did. And he won. There was nothing wrong or illegal about it. Everyone in Mississippi knows that a republican is going to win overall. So, why shouldn't democratic voters get to help decide which republican they will eventually have represent them?
How Christian of you.
Thank God that He also forgives liars.
Sigh...but birth control is medicine. It's about a whole heck of a lot more than preventing pregnancy. When will conservatives actually educate themselves on the female body?
You're insane. Also, what about the men? Why is it that you only go after women?
No, younger, it's not. Do your research. Talk to you gynecologist when you are there for your yearly check up. That's not at all how IUDs work. They prevent the sperm from reaching the egg.
Darby, you really need a sex ed class that could explain to you how fertilization works as well as how different types of birth control work.
Not switching topics. Just finding out how you really feel. Abortion is a very private, very difficult decision that women have to make. While I do not think that I could ever have an abortion, I haven't been in the same circumstances that some women who get abortions have been. If my 12 year old daughter was raped by a family member and became pregnant, would I want her to carry that baby to term? I don't think that I would. However, again, I haven't been in that position. Thank God.
You do realize that it's not a one size fits all, right? Like with all medicines, what works for one woman may not work for another.
I don't know where you are getting your information, but it's wrong. Again...ask your doctor. That's what I did before getting mine.
Cool. Glad that your militia is well armed. And when I become a paranoid, un-American POS like you, I will be sure to go buy a bunch of guns to fight off the government everytime that they make a law that I disagree with. Look...own a gun, don't own a gun, both are covered by the 2nd amendment. All that I am saying is that one doesn't make you any more patriotic than the other. This is the land of the free. Not the land of everyone must feel the same way.
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