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Sorry, Jerry. I only debate with adults, and adults do not make up awful nicknames to ridicule those that they disagree with.
Actually, scrow, I said that she may have disagreed with him. You have to look no further than their primary fight to find issues that they disagreed on.
This shouldn't come as a surprise. The former Secretary of State has disagreed with the President on a lot of major issues for years now. However, when she worked with his administration, she was a professional. She may have disagreed with him in private, but she presented a united front in public which is exactly the way a professional behaves.
As a general rule, I do not think that the United States should be involved in policing the world. Unfortunately we are painted in to a corner when it comes to helping Ukraine based on the agreement reach when they gave up their nuclear weapons. Even though conservatives want to call the President weak, I think that he is making the right moves. There's no need to cowboy up and send troops in to fight like we did with Iraq, Syria, Egypt, etc. Until all diplomatic means fail, we shouldn't have boots on the ground. And we really should not do anything without the political, financial and physical cooperation from other world powers.
And organic salmon is better for you as well. Luckily I am in a position of being able to afford organic salmon. I may not know everything, but I have researched the food that we eat extensively. So, I know for a fact that wild/organic salmon is much better than farmed.
I've long thought that education should go hand in hand with SNAP benefits for healthy able bodied Americans with plenty of options for their work schedule. A lot of the reason that the majority of Americans are on SNAP benefits (with the exception of military families, disabled & the elderly) is because of a lack of education. If they were taught how to cook healthy meals, it would really solve a lot of problems when it comes to obesity and obesity related diseases as well.
Yep, DoctorX. Military families actually total a large number of people receiving SNAP. It's not unusual at all that the family of active soldiers receive these benefits.
So...the author thinks that SNAP benefits shouldn't be spent on unhealthy food or healthy food (organic salmon). What exactly does the author think that it should be spent on?
Actually, Frank, that is huge problem on college campuses. The campus police often talk the victim out of reporting a crime. Or they refuse to turn it over to the police. Universities do not want their school to be associated with rape statistics.
Consequence? Rape is a consequence of women serving their country? My mind is just blown by some of these comments. Each one seems to be getting worse. But yours really takes the cake.
First - rape isn't about sex. It's about power and control. And, second, are you really defending rapists? Seriously? You really think that victims who are assaulted are at fault and not the actual rapists themselves? Good grief. You are ridiculous.
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