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There is a huge difference between believing that certain police officers and even entire forces are out of control with a huge God complex and wanting them dead. Only unreasonable people cannot see that. I laugh when commenters on this website call people on the left racist when every article like this or about immigrations will contain horrible racial slurs and comments. Until everyone in this country truly starts treating each other equally without respect to skin color or sexual orientation, we will never be a strong nation. We will never again be one nation under God when it's so largely divided among those who support equality for all and those who believe that they are superior to other races, religions, etc.
Actually it has been widely reported that she was shut out of negotiations, because she would not have gone along with it. Rather you like what she stands for or not, she is not one who will allow anyone to push her around.
People who put their lives and financial resources into the dream of owning their own business got what they deserved when their businesses were looted and destroyed? Wow.
This is disgraceful. Politician should not just be able to override voters. What a god complex these guys have.
This is so nuts. So our top intelligence agency was unprepared? That's insane. I get that it was an unusual event. I just question that the best they could do to get answers was to torture people.
So, just because Republicans didn't wish to investigate what happened, the all democrat panel should be discredited? Should the same happen if only Republicans investigate something? While I agree that they should have talked to the former directors and assistant directors, I also question that it would have mattered. As John McCain said, Americans deserve to know what was don in their name. It has long been known that the CIA tortured prisoners which didn't even lead to reliable information the majority of the time. Americans freak out when one of our own are captured and tortured. However, if we cannot do better than this, how can we expect our own people to be safe if captured? For goodness sake, we've had people in prisons for over a decade without even charging them with anything. There is nothing American about that. And I leave you with this... Speaking to Fox News, Cheney denied Bush was kept out of the loop. He said the then-president "was in fact an integral part of the program and he had to approve it." Asked if Bush knew specific details of how specific interrogations were being conducted, Cheney was more vague, saying: "We did discuss the techniques. There was no effort on our part to keep him from that."
So, she's fallen into obscurity but Townhall still feels the need to write columns bashing her?
Republicans refused to participate. So if they wanted a say, they should have participated. In the investigation. We know that they participated in torture.
Wow. What a particularly racist comment.
So, transparency is good - unless it rightfully points out that torture was rampant under the Bush administration. As Americas, we should be livid that torture was happening. It's against the Geneva convention Also, it's against those Christian beliefs that commenters here are always talking about. I guess that you guy only care about Christian beliefs when it comes to gay marriage, abortion and Christmas though?
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