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To Tell the Truth

Lib at Heart Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 2:44 PM
I have to agree in part with MoreFreedom. I don't think Romney's policies will be all that different from Obama's. He talks a good talk, but just look at his actual record. If Romney does get elected by some miracle, it won't bother me that much. I was much more afraid of the crazy policies of Newt, Rick, and Ron. Any of those three in the White House would have terrified me. Of course, With Ryan in the number two spot, that could be a bit frightening knowing he's only a heartbeat away from the presidency. *shudder*

Watching the recent Obama/Romney debate brought to mind a YouTube video I saw of an old TV game show called "To Tell the Truth" where the emcee began by welcoming the audience "to our game of deliberate misrepresentation...."

The 1957 clip I saw featured three contestants each claiming to be a letter carrier. Four panelists had the task of questioning the contestants to sift out the two imposters who were allowed to lie while the actual mail carrier was sworn to tell the truth. In the particular clip I viewed, all four panelists were hoodwinked by the...