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Stop the Liberal Presses: New York Times/CBS Poll Finds Trouble for Obama

Lib at Heart Wrote: Apr 19, 2012 9:58 AM
Because most people really don't want the ultraconservative Republicans you are looking for. Aside from Reagan, has there been a truly conservative Republican candidate in the past 35 years? Even George H.W. was a moderate. Heck, I voted for him over Dukakis. The ultraconservatives just don't have the support of enough people. The public really wants a moderate to slightly liberal president.

The liberal press is finally enunciating what the rest of already knew through pure common sense.

As poll after poll shows that Obama’s management of the economy will be the number one issue for voters, the liberal press has suddenly come to the conclusion that, yes, Virginia, there is an election under way.

Despite months of manufactured good news on the job and employment front, average voters are doing what average voters do: vote their own pocketbooks, not those of their neighbors in the Beltway.  

“A rising number of Americans see improvement in the economy,” reports the New...