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rinos should be moved to Africa along with other animals on the plains. Then there is Karl Rove who pretty well ran George Bush's political moves. Bush, nice guy, did not have a clue about budgets. It was Alcaida (sp) alcaida and that brought out Cheney who snarled at anyone wanting to talk about anything else but Alcaida (nice man, good defense chief under G. Bush I). Karl Rove has been attacking the Tea Party without which there would be NO GOP. Speaker Boehner (nice man indeed) but he has that pained look on his face. Remember the jovial Ron Reagan who won a lot of hearts and tried to bring Conservatism back in government. In actuality, Ron tried but his strategy of butter and guns brought deficits to government. Same ole.
On taxes of the 47% that got dear Mitt in trouble. Rather than spend millions saying nothing. The GOP should have taken a one page spread in every newspaper showing who paid taxes. Who funded the government. Paying Social Security is not a tax as it is purportedly an insurance program until the Progressives made it also a Welfare Program. The headline should read: THE DEMOCRATS LIE. Here is the truth who pays taxes and in spades.
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There Is No World Currency War

libadvsor Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 12:39 PM
Larry Kudlow - way back in the early 1970s, you were a proponent for a gold related dollar. I believe you were also a believer in Ayn Rand and a truly free market. Yes, you may not remember, but I do as I spoke with you a few times when you the young economist at Payne Webber. May have times changed. Perhaps it is time for you to relearn the term "laissez faire" or government for the most part butt out. That means allow the market to blow off upside or decline or collapse if the circumstances demand it. All corrections are considered bad. In the old days before the Fed, they were called panics, cleaned out the over-indebted after which the economy steadied and continued on its longer term uptrend.
If the Republican cave, I'm afraid the GOP will lose the loyalists that put them there in the first place. I and others like me are tired, tired of standing our ground and then witnessing our leaders flounder and cave. A national newspaper campaign outlining our rationale approach has to be made to counter the demagogery the Dems and main Street press absolute lies. We must not cave. Stand for principle and get reelected.
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